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Sardinia is an island. Therefore you have to go by airplane or ferry - there is no other way to the island of Sardinia. Mobility on Sardinia very much depends on your preferences: You can go by car, by bus and there are also some trains. Some travellers also go by bike, motorbike. Buses and trains are an option, but public transport is not the best way to discvoer Sardinia. A car is much better; it will bring you to beaches, hiking trails or other places where busses do not go. Motorhomes and camper vans are also quite common on Sardinia. There are many camp sites on the island, some of them don't cost anything and only provide a place to park for the night, somer are quite luxurious. For staying on Sardinia you will find a lot of possibilities: Hotels, holiday apartments, holiday houses or a stay on a farm. Whatever sort of accomodation or journey to Sardinia you are considering: Find information right here, so that you won't be disappointed in the end. Simply have a pleasant journey and trip to Sardinia.


Car rental

A car is important if you want to discover beaches, mountains, historical sites and ancient places or the landscapes of Sardinia. Some places are hard to reach without a car; buses do not go everywhere. All airports and ports host a variety of international car rentals, so it won't be a problem to rent a car. There are some things you should know before you rent a car.

Enjoy a relaxed time with your car.

Car rental

Buying real estate on Sardinia

Buying a house or an apartment is not too unusual on Sardinia. But it is not simple. Italian law and local practices as well as structural issues are important to consider. The language and a quite complicated beaurocratic legal system often is another obstacle on your way to your property on Sardinia. Some basic information will help to make decisions about buying property on Sardinia.

Read basic information about buying real estate.

Buying real estate on Sardinia

Airports and flights to Sardinia

No matter where exactly you want to go: Flying is the fastest way to the island. Going by ferry is perfect for camper vans, for longer journeys with your own car or if you like to see the ocean. Here ist what you should know: Where the airports are, the most common flight connections and more.

Find information about flights and airports.

Airports and flights to Sardinia

Going by Ferry

You are planning to get to Sardinia with a ferry? It might be a great idea - especially if you plan a round trip in Italy or Europe or if you want to spend you holiday with a camper van. Here is everything you should know about travelling by ship: Ports, harbours and connections.

Learn more about ferries and ports or harbours.

Ports, harbours and ferry connections

Hotel on Sardinia

Even hotels are popular as travel accommodation - especially for a short break. Before you book a hotel, you may want to find out more about the standards, prices and practices.

Read everything about hotels.

Hotels on Sardinia

Agrotourism and B&B on Sardinia

A farm holiday in Sardinia is a very exciting and also a culinary experience. There are various categories of accomodations on farms available. Learn what is awaiting you.

Discover alternatives to a hotel stay.

Agrotourism and B&B

Camping on Sardinia

Camping is one of the most favourite ways to discover Sardinia. There are plenty of campsites in Sardinia. Wild camping is not allowed. But: There are alternatives that are somehow between camping and the outdoors. Be well informed about the camping season, possibilities of camping on Sardinia and rules that should be respected.

Experience freedom on Sardinia.

Camping in Sardinia

Holiday apartments and holiday houses

Holiday apartments and holiday apartments are the most common kind of accomodation on Sardinia. Large hotel buildings do no exist here anyway. It is helpful to inform yourself a little bit about houses and apartments on Sardinia - so that you will be able to find a suitable accomodation that fits your personal wishes and needs.

Stress-free house or apartment rental.

Holiday houses or apartments

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