Airports in Sardinia and Flight Connections


The two major airports - Olbia in the north and Cagliari in the south - are served all year round. In the months from May to October, there is usually a large selection of flights to Sardinia. In the other months, however, it is often necessary to fly a little more cumbersome via other airports. Direct connections from all major airports in Europe are available. There are not many international flights directly to Sardinia, so it is most likely that you need to fly in via another Eurpean airport.

In addition, there are two smaller airports in Arbatax / Tortoli and Alghero. These are regularly served by Alitalia via Rome (Italy). As the rome airport is a large multinational Airport you should check connections from there anyway. Also the flight connections from Milan are good, so it is worth to check that as well. You will find very good connections via London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Munich (Germany), Cologne (Germany) and sometimes also via Frankfurt (Germany). The most important Airlines are Eurowings, EasyJet, KLM, Alitalia and Ryanair - but they are not the only ones operating flights to Sardinia.

On site a car is recommended. Rental cars are unproblematic in Cagliari as well as in Olbia numerous car rental companies are available. However, it is also possible to discover the island by bus and train. Public transport in Sardinia is not bad but many beaches and the mountains or other interesting places are not really easily accessible by public transport.


Airports, Flight and the booking of a flight

Flight booking

Before you decide for a flight findout about the pricing for luggage transport. In particular, low cost airlines such as EasyJet or RyanAir do not include a suitcase in their pricing. Hand luggage is certainly enough for a few days. But if you like to stay little longer you will need a larger suitcase. Both airports - Cagliari and Olbia - are not that big and clearance is usually quite fast. The car rental companies are well signposted and easy to reach.

If you are not from around a country belonging to the European Community you should furthermore check on requirements to enter the country. For the US, Canada and Australia things are easy: If you plan to stay less than 90 days, you only need a passport. That passport need to be valid for another 6 months from your departure date and the passport must be issued within the past 10 years. If you want to go from any other country you should check for visa requirements.

In case you want to bring a pet, you need to check carefully. Some Airlines do not transport animals at all - for example EasyJet. If you have a pet, you need to make sure that you have papers with you. Within Europa you need to have a European Pet Passport, which cannot be obtained for example in the US. Your pet also needs to be microchipped - compatible to the EU-microchips. Bringing a pet from another country requires to check on detailed rules.

Shopping near the Airport/s

If you arrive in Olbia, you will find supermarkets and a shopping center next to the airport. If you have booked a holiday home, it is a good idea to just drive to one of those supermarkets and buy basic stuff like water, coffee, milk, bread or whatever you need. Thanks to extensive opening hours you will find the supermarkets also being open on sundays. The Auchan shopping center is something you cannot miss and it provides everything you may need. If you fly in via the Elmas airport in Cagliari, you will find a LIDL supermarket in the suburb Elmas Otherwise there are no supermarkets or shopping centers around or very near to the Elmas airport. In the city of Cagliari it is not a problem to find a supermarket or shopping center.

Landing in Sardinia or going by ferry

Landings in Sardinia are often accompanied by heavy winds, so that it might be more or less shaky in the airplane. But that is no reason to worry about, all the airplanes flying on or leaving have done a great job so far. An alternativ to flying might be to go via ferry. If you book a flight to rome, the ferry port in Civitivecchia is not too far from the capital of Italy.

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