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Apartments and holiday homes are available in Sardinia in sufficient numbers. From basic amenities to a luxury villa with a pool by the sea, from a small cottage in the mountains to large estates - the choice is huge. However, some houses or apartments are not available out of season while there is a lot going on during the season. If you are dependent on the summer holidays, you should take care of booking a holiday apartment or a holiday home in time.


Holiday Apartments and Holiday Houses in Sardinia

Apartment or House - This is what you need to consider

When booking or renting a holiday home or holiday home, there are a few things to know before you book. Otherwise you might end up with an object you are not too happy with. And you certainly do not want to spoil your vacation.

Many houses are very rural or in pure holiday villages. During the holiday season that is not a problem, then these places are at inhabited. But out of season, these are veritable ghost towns that do not even have a bar or a small supermarket. Sardinia is very well documented with Google Maps - a virtual drive through the desired location is recommendable.

If you plan to stay in spring, winter or autumn you need to check whether the apartment or the house can be heated and how it is heated. The traditional way of heating in Sardinia is the fireplace. But this is not enough for a larger apartment, when for example in March, the temperatures drop to 10 degrees at night. In the summer, in the face of the heat, air conditioning is an advantage. In addition, there are relatively many mosquitos in Sardinia - cool spaces keep them outside. Incidentally, air conditioners can also be used for heating. In other words, if an accommodation is labeled "air-conditioned," that usually means that there is a heating as well.

How do you estimate the costs of a holiday apartment?

When booking, you should ask what is included. Towels, bed linen, electricity, heating or cleaning is sometimes subject to extra charges. Another important question is, whether there is a WLAN available. In many holiday homes or apartments that is the case, but not everywhere. However, the connection is often surprisingly bad, while the mobile network is often much better. You will find more information on this topic in the article under Internet & Phone in Sardinia. In addition, it is worthwhile to negotiate for a private rental. Especially out of season you may save some money.

Payment for a private apartment or holiday home usually works by cash on the spot. A smaller down payment is sometimes quite common. Incidentally, the landlords almost always have someone at hand who at least masters the English language. So do not be afraid to write your request in English. If you use German, it may take a few days for you to get an answer, as landlords often need to find someone who can translate for them. Write in the simplest possible sentences - then it works with Google Translate. When booking from a large provider, you can usually assume that there are standard payment terms.

More about Holiday Homes

Houses in Sardinia are relatively noisy. So if you have a problem with noise, for example because your Italian neighbors celebrate, your should rather switch to a holiday house on your own. Incidentally, the standard on the island often includes an outdoor shower and a large barbecue in the garden. You like to do barbecues, Sardinia is the perfect place for you. If you're out of season or slightly more sensitive, ask if the outdoor shower has hot water as well. Bathtubs are also very unusual - usually there is only a shower.

In contrast to the usual room layout in many countries like the UK, the US or Australia and Canada, apartments and houses in Sardinia have a different floor plan. Directly behind the front door you usually enter a kitchen, where the dining room, living room and kitchen unite to one large room. From there, the bedrooms and children's rooms are usually distributed over a small corridor. If you rent a holiday home with a terrace or a balcony, you usually have direct access from this living area to the outside area.

If you arrive, you should organize a power adapter in time - most of all for the bathroom. Depending on the country you come from, none of or devices might work. Travel adapters are not too costly, if you order them in advance on the internet. They cost much more on the airport and it might happen that your specific adapter is not availabe (depends on the country and what sort of adapter you need). Usually voltage as well as the sockets do not match, this is why you should bring an adapter and converter (it is one device). Some of those converters/adapters have several plugs, so that can charge more than one device via USB port. Citizens of the United States of America, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Asia need to have such an adapter/converter and it is highly recommendable to have more than just one.

During the last three years I have gotten many E-Mails and messages asking for holiday homes. I am not a travel agency and I don't own any house, apartment, villa or anything alike. In order to provide objects, I have started to hand pick hosts or landlords who are nice and reliable people. Usually they do speak several languages - english is mostly one of them. I am introducing their holiday homes, luxury villas, apartments or studios, with or without balcony / terrace, pool or private pool, garden or not, small holiday apartments or large houses meant for groups or beach houses. I'll to my best to offer a great choice of various options. If you own a house and would like to be part of, then contact me via E-Mail: and we'll see what we can do. It doesn't cost anyhting to be listed here. But I am picky about hosts - my goal is to offer a great quality, a great variety and most of all: Helpful and realiable hosts.

The first holiday homes or vacation rentals are ready. Within the next weeks and months I'll continue to enhance my listings.

Holiday Homes in Pula, Chia and Surroundings

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