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Hotels in Sardinia are not a problem - there are enough. Only during the peak season you may face problems finden a suitable place to stay. The accommodations are then largely occupied or very expensive. For a trip in the peak or main season, therefore, a timely hotel booking is recommended. On numerous hotel portals on the Internet you will find the hotels on site. In addition, one of the many B&Bs is an alternative option. By the way, you can not find large hotel complexes in Sardinia. The familiar sights of Spain, France or mainland of Italy were avoided in Sardinia. Mass tourism is not an issue in Sardinia.


About Hotels on or in Sardinia

Hotels in Sardinia: Other countries, other customs

Actually, that should not be news - yet you can not repeat it often enough: The category system that we know from many countries has no relevance abroad. While the regional or country-relevant associations define the criteria for classifications, there are other organizations in other countries that adopt this and that underlie other criteria. So it can happen that a four-star hotel in Sardinia more like a three-star hotel in Austria or the US and the UK. It is advisable to read the reviews of other hotel guests, before you book a hotel room.

Many hotels are closed out of season, because the operation is simply not worthwhile. In such cases, it is worth taking a look at the B&Bs (see below). These are often small and the owners of the houses live on site, so they also offer accommodation in November or February / March.

In any case, it is worth taking a look at the equipment of the room. During the summer months it is important to have an air condition. Air conditions often do not only cool down a room, they are often also being used for heating up a room. In case of doubt ask the hotel, if there is any heating in your room. By April / May it can be very cold during the night, which is then again from October. In the months November to March or April you will need a heating.

Instead of a Hotel: B&B as an alternative

About the concept of the small pension correspond to the many B&B'S (Bed&Breakfast) in Sardinia. These are often just as good as a hotel and others are even well above the level of some hotels. From "very simple" up to higher standards, there are many various B&B's. The atmosphere in some B&B's is more like being integrated into a family or social life, but also many hotels offer a very informal atmosphere. In any case, when looking for accommodation, you should not miss the B&Bs.

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