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Buying a property in Sardinia is not too unusual. From holiday homes to apartments and apartments to luxury properties, there is a wide range that is available internationally. Especially in the north of Sardinia you will find high-standard-objects. Buying a property in Sardinia is not that easy, even if the purchase takes place within Europe. The bureaucracy in Italy is quite complicated, without professional help a real estate purchase is not recommended. For EU citizens, the purchase of real estate is possible at any time, they are being treated equally to Italians. But in international law things become even more complicated.


Buying Holiday homes, Houses or Apartments in Sardinia

Taxes when buying a house or a property in Sardinia

Since most property purchases are private purchases (non-commercial), these buyers pay 10% of the purchase price to the tax office (register taxes and real estate transfer tax). If a mortgage is being invoice, you'll have to pay a mortgage register tax - it is currently 2% of the purchase price less the register tax.

The annual property tax (ICI - Imposta Comunale sugli Immobili) is set at municipal level. It is between 0.4 and 0.7 percent of the taxable value of a property (valore castatale). If the property is uninhabitable, 50% of the tax will be waived. This may be of interest especially for objects to be renovated. The properties are divided into different types (A1 to A11). However, this typification has little influence on the determination of the tax. As a rule, the handling is best done by a broker or tax adviser, tax matters in Italy are by no means easy. Of course, the tax can also be paid from abroad. 90% will be due in June, 10% in December. Paying too late is not a good idea; it might end up with up to 200% of the tax amount.

In addition to the taxes mentioned above you'll face further expenses - e.g. for municipal services such as garbage disposal - added. Find out what taxes are exactly incurred and how high they are.

Very ofte you'll hear "become a resident and then it all gets easier". However, this is not really easy and requires the fulfillment of numerous conditions, which are usually not given, unless you live and work locally. The fees in the context of a real estate purchase are approximately between 13% and 20% of the purchase price - as a resident you can deduct these from the tax. Make sure to inform yourself in advance about any applicable fees, charges and other incidental costs.

Prices for real estate and houses/apartments on Sardinia

Whether holiday apartment, apartment, house or cottage or even entire property - the prices for real estate in Sardinia are very different. As always, the purchase price depends largely on the condition of the property and the location of the property. An upmarket property in northern Sardinia - for example a house in Palau or Porto Cervo or along the Costa Smeralda - costs much more than a rural house in the south of the island. A property in Cagliari on the city beach Poetto achieves top prices, in the neighboring village of Quartu you can buy at a much lower price.

Also, a property with sea view usually costs a bit more than an apartment in a city location. In smaller towns along the east coast - for example, around Tortoli / Arbatax, on the other hand, is quite affordable and the further you go inland, the less costly it is. If you are only temporarily on the island, you may think about renting a place.

Buying property in Sardinia - not without a preliminary contract and language skills

In Italy, a preliminary contract is common when buying a property. So you should insist on such a contract. The question of fees and other costs should be clarified beforehand. To be sure that you have understood everything correctly, a translator is useful and important. In addition, you should of course turn on a lawyer. In the preliminary contract, a contractual penalty also makes sense if the seller can not ultimately fulfill the contract of sale (caparra confirmatoria). In addition, it is also common to require insurance for construction defects that should run for over 10 years. However, enforcing legal claims in Italy is difficult. For this reason, an assessment in advance is not a wrong thing.

Visiting a property in Sardinia

Faulty construction is not uncommon in Italy. Things are often not quite so accurate - especially when the owner of the house has lend a hand himself. Therefore, have your property checked in advance. A rough estimate costs about 300 euros, a complete appraisal about 1000 euros. In particular, the purchase of old houses, the cost of renovations are often underestimated. Check also the documents for completeness ... are all rooms drawn in and are the property boundaries correct? If such entries are wrong, you'll have to expect problems afterwards. And make sure the house has a building permit, because here and there the building is not approved. You can and should do a first visual check yourself, here are some tips to help:

  • Are there cracks in the walls inside or outside? Do you find moldy / damp spots? Is the roof right? Are there holes in the roof or are there plants growing on the roof? Are the walls and roof straight?
  • Is the floor flat or plane? Are the doors closing properly? Turn on taps, press the toilet flush to see if they work. The light switches and sockets should at least briefly be checked for functionality. The presence of a septic tank should also be checked, any existing heaters should be tested as well as fireplaces. Ask for the heating costs. Check on sinks and water pipes - turn on the water to see if everything is working. Do not forget to have a look under carpets or other things covering walls or floors.
  • If there is a pool, check it for cracks and other damage as well. Also, the water pump should work. Pass the property boundaries and the entire property. If necessary, find out if fencing is allowed. Sardinia is home to many plants that are not found in other countries or regions of the world. Citrus fruits and olive trees need care - make sure you can manage that.
  • In the course of a visit, take someone with practical experience or with experience in building a house with you. It is also useful to take a camera with you, as it is often difficult to remember details afterwards. Don't hesitate to ask for a second appointment.

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