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Sardinia is the island of enjoyment. Who comes here and is content with pizza, missed the great island cuisine. On closer inspection, it quickly turns out that Sardinia is located exactly between Italy, Spain and the African coast. You can tell that also by the food. Some specialities are very close to the african kitchen, some are more italian and sometimes it is a clear reminder of France or Spain.

With that much coastal areas it is clear that fish, shellfish and crustaceans or octopus are to be found on the menu. Inland, on the other hand, meat and poultry are widespread. Fruits and vegetables are abundant in Sardinia anyway. Generally, you do not eat much in Italy for breakfast. A coffee and a croissant (Italian: Cornetto) - that is a very common italian way to start a day. During the day there is a choice between a hot meal at lunchtime or in the evening. Do not miss to taste the great wines of Sardinia. If you are not that much into wine, you can also try the Sardinian Ichnusa; a beer that is being produced on the island.


Markets and Supermarkets

The situation in the south of Europe and the local conditions make Sardinia an extremely lush region. The sea and from the generous pastures provide a wide variety of foods. You can also buy all this locally. The real food experience can be found on weekly markets, the nearest farm or elsewhere. In addition you will find great shopping centers around Sardinia.

Better shopping experiences in Sardinia.

Shopping on Sardinia

Eating out: Restaurants on Sardinia

Eating out in Sardinia - that's pure pleasure. There is a great selection at fair prices; There is no need to worry about tourist rip-offs. Found out where to go and at what price, when the restaurants are open, what habits you should get to know, which dishes are usually on the menu and more.

This is how you eat out in Sardinia.

Eating out

Gastronomic Specialities

Sardinia offers excellent specialties that can only be found there. Malloreddus, Mirto, Pane Carasau, Pecorino Sardo, Dolci Sardo, the legendary Casu Marzu or Fregola are just some of them. Do not miss these delicacies - you will be surprised how peculiar and diverse they are.

Do not miss the best of Sardinia.

Gastronomic Specialities

Wine on Sardinia

Sardinian wines are awesome. They are not worse than well-known wineries from Tuscany, Sicily or other regions of Italy. Vines like Monica, Cannonau, Vermentino, Nuraghus or Torbato are worth trying and maybe you will start loving them. Some wineries can also be visited.

Discover the taste of Sardinia.

Wine and wineries

Beer in Sardinia

Sardinia is not only offering great wines. Located in Assemini there is a brewery names Birra Ichnusa. They produce a small range of various beers and they are really good. Ichnusa is closely connected to Sardinia, it has cult status. If you like beer or mixed drinks with beer you should give it a try.

Enjoy a cool refreshment.


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