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Sardinia brings many specialties to the table. One or the other you should try in any case - even if you are in a holiday apartment and don't want to eat out in a restaurant. In the supermarket or in the small grocery stores, butchers, in the markets ... there you get the things mentioned below. Most of it is also being served in the restaurants of Sardinia. Sardinia simply offers limitless delicacies. The most important ones are Mirto (a liqueur), Malloreddus (noodles), Pane Carasau (Bread), Pecorino Sardo (Sardinian Sheep Cheese), Seadas (Dessert), Pane Carasau (Bread) or dolci and pasticci (sweet pastries).


Sardinian Specialities: Mirto, Wine, Malloreddus, Fregola and Pane Carasau

Mirto and wine

Mirto is one most favourite food products in Sardinia. It is a liqueur made from the berries of myrtle. it's best to enjoy it ice cold. So it should be stored in the fridge or in the freezer compartment. It is served after the meal.

Given the climate on the island, there are of course great wines such as the Cannonau, Monica, Torbato, Nuragus or Malvasia. If you want to take a look at the wines, you will find more information in the article about the wines of Sardinia.

Malloreddus, Fregola and Pane Carasau

Fregola or Fregula clearly shows the proximity to Africa. It is pasta, but it is so small that it comes very close to the couscous. For example, Fregola is used in soups, but you can also find it as a pasta dish.

Pane Carasau is a very thin and dry flatbread. It is an accompaniment to many other foods like starters and it tastes very good. One way to eat it is to combine it with cheese, ham, olives and other products: It is simply broken into rough pieces; ham, cheese or salami are sliced on top and all of it is being topped with a high quality olive oil. This is the easiest way to enjoy Pane Carasau. A similar variant of bread can be found in the Pane Guttiau.

Malloreddus are pasta made from durum wheat. They are very small and are usually prepared as "Malloreddus alla Campidanese", which is pasta with some tomato sauce, saffron and salsiccia (fried sausage stuffing). The dish is simple, delicious and filling. In the picture below, the Malloreddus were served with the typical Sardinian bread (Pane Carasau, Pane Guttiau).

Even more delicacies: Cheese, dolci sardi and more

Pecorino and Casu Marzu

You may think, that Pecorino cheese (sheep cheese) is not that special. That's generally right, but the Pecorino Sardo is a different story. If you buy some Pecorino" in another country it is usually "Pecorino Roma", which is being produced on the italian mainland. Pecorino Sardo is much less saltier than Pecorino Roma (Sardinian sheep cheese). The Pecorino is beeing offered in degrees of maturity, sometimes very young and soft, sometimes very ripe and of very firm consistency. If you like cheese, give it a try. You will discover awesome taste experiences.

Casu Marzu is a very special cheese product. Officially, the Cazu Marzu does not even exist. Nevertheless, you will probably hear about it. It is a cheese made from sheep's milk. The process of fermenting is one necessary step to produce chesse. The process is taken further with the help of maggots at Casu Marzu.

Yes ... you just have been reading "maggots". They are about 8 mm / 0.31 inches large. they are sometimes rinsed out before consumption, but often they remain in the cheese. Thanks to strict regulations referring to hygiene, the Casu Marzu cannot be found in shops. If you want to give it a try ask around. It is being offered under the counter only.

Seadas, Dolci and Pasticci

Seadas – also being calles Sebadas – are for dessert. They are very filling, so that they almost make a complete meal. It used to be a "secondo" - a second course. Seadas are fried dumplings filled with cheese and doused with honey. Occasionally also grated lemon zest is used to prepare them. You get the Seadas in restaurants. Many supermarkets also offer them as convenience food. If you like to try them: Put them in a pan an fry them with olive oil and put some honey on it. Seadas are a mixture of hearty and sweet taste.

If you like sweet tastes you will find the "dolci" or any sort of sweet pastry outstanding. Besides cookies and macaroons like amaretti you should try "Formagielle" or "Pardule". They are like a miniature cheese cake and it tastes quite fresh and light as they are made with lemon, orange and saffron. They are available in bakeries and/or supermarkets. You will not find them in restaurants.

Do you like cakes and alike? Then you should have a look around and find a Pasticceria. In shops like these you will find delicious pastries of all sorts. It might take a while to find the right place. Some pasticcerie offer only standards products such as croissants and similiar things. They are tasty of course. But some pasticcerie are outstanding with small pastries that are more artwork than food.

Dolci Sardo - Sardinian sweets - are in general very tasty. They are sold in small shops or in the supermarket. Dolci Sardo in the broadest sense are very close to cookies. Ornate and colorful icing decorations can be found ... almost too good to eat. Although not all variants are as elaborate as the one in the picture below: They are extremely popular throughout Sardinia.

Other gastronomic specialties

Of course you will find much more specialties on Sardinia. If you like to taste typical Sardinian dishes, it is best to try them in a restaurant. You'll find the most important information about eating out and classic dishes in the article about restaurants and eating out.

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