Ichnusa - this beer has cult status among Sardinia fans. It is brewed locally in Sardinia and Birra Ichnusa belongs to the Heineken Group. The name "Ichnusa" comes from the Greek word for Sardinia: Ichnôussa. The brewery opened in 1912 in Cagliari and has dedicated to brewing on the island of Sardinia. In 1963 - after difficult war years - the brewery was relocated to Assemini. Despite belonging to a large group of companies, the brewery Birra Ichnusa is still a traditional company comparable to craft beers. It has also won prizes, such as the Superior Taste Award in Brussels.


Birra Ichnusa

Beer from Sardinia

Ichnusa is closely connected with Sardinia. In addition to the location and a long tradition as a brewery, this is reflected in the use of the coat of arms of Sardinia. The "Quattro Mori" (four Moors) can be found on every bottle and in the logo of the brewery Ichnusa.

Although good Ichnusa comes in a variety of bottle sizes, 0.66 liter bottles are unusual in both shape and quantity. In Italy, the beer is also available in cans. In shops and online shops abroad usually only the bottles are available. Canned beer or Ichnusa is available in every supermarket around Sardinia.

Ichnusa: varieties and ingredients

The most common beer from the House of Birra Ichnusa is called simply just Ichnusa. You can get it practically in every supermarket, in every bar and in other gastronomic establishments of the island of Sardinia. It is a lager with 4.7% alcohol. Recommended is a drinking temperature of 3 degrees Celsius / 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The ingredients are water, barley malt, corn, hops.

There is also the Ichnusa Non Filtrata (Ichnusa unfiltered), Ichnusa Cruda (Ichnusa raw) and Ichnusa limone. With 40% beer and 60% lemon juice, the Birra Limone is a very light beer with only 2% alcohol. It is the perfect fit for warm summer days in Sardinia.

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