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Wine is easy in Sardinia. Viticulture is an important economic factor in Sardinia. Whether white wine or red wine, at lunch or in the evening. The wines of the island offer wonderful tastes and a great variety. Also autochthonous wines are growing in Sardinia. Autochthounous wines are grape varieties that grow only in one place. Or to put it simply: Native grape varieties. These include the Nuraghus and the grape Monica; also the Torbato belongs to the native grape varieties.

In the restaurant you will usually get wines from the most popular wineries in Sardinia. You can also order the "Vino della casa" - the house wine - which is usually a good choice. If you value a higher level, choose a bottle with a more noble drop. And there are so many wines that can easily compete with the wines from Sicily or from Tuscany. Nuragus, Torbato, Cannonau and Monica are some of the sonorous names found in Sardinia.

The local wines of Sardinia are being produced in wineries such as Sella e Mosca, Argiolas and others. They are available in any supermarket. It is not necessary to visit special wine shops or go directly to the producer. The visit of a winery is nevertheless quite interesting.


The wines of Sardinia: Nuragus, Vermentino, Cannonau, Monica, Torbato and more

White wine on Sardinia:


The Nuragus is a white wine. The grape Nuragus has a long tradition in Sardinia. Most likely even the Phoenicians knew this variety. Essentially, the Nuragus is cultivated in the south of the island and offered as Nuragus di Cagliari. To use this name "Nuragus di Cagliari", the wine must contain at least 85% of this grape variety and contain at least 10.5% alcohol. The Nuragus should be enjoyed coolly; be recommended 9 to 11 degrees Celsius / 48 to 51 degrees Fahrenheit and drunk within the first three years after bottling. The nuragus is widespread in Sardinia, the taste initially somewhat unusual for beginners. It is not very fruity, rather dry and light and without any frills ... often with a slightly bitter note. It goes well with fish and mild cheese.


The Vermentino is also a white wine, which is very common in Sardinia. It is usually more fruity than the Nuragus, but always comes with a slightly bitter note. It tastes relatively strong and like the Nuragus it should be drunk rather cool. Especially on hot summer days, this wine is a perfect companion to fish dishes or ripe cheeses.


The Torbato is the most elegant wine among the white wines of Sardinia. It grows in the north in the region Sassari or around Alghero. A delicious drop to fish and other light dishes or simply for a warm summer night on the terrace: A Torbata is just the perfect choice. The Torbato is not very well known among the visitors of Sardinia - which is a pity. Fragrant, golden yellow and with fruity notes, the torbato is not to be despised. Incidentally, the grape variety is offered exclusively by the winery Sella & Mosca. The wines "Torbato" and "Terre Bianche" offer a good quality level. The "Terre Bianche Cuveé 161" is a high standard wine, which suits well to the noble crustaceans of the island. The sparkling wine Torbato Brut makes a good aperitif.

Red wine on Sardinia:


The Cannonau is a red wine. Grape Grenache is the variety most commonly grown in the world. In Sardinia the variety is called "Cannonau". The imprint "Cannonau di Sardegna" on the label states that the wine consists of 99% of this grape variety. In other cases, it is worth taking a look at the bottle, because otherwise it may be a blend with other varieties. The Cannonau is a red wine for fans of strong wines. Spicy and with berry flavors, it is anything but easy. It goes well with ripe cheese, meat and other dishes that taste rather hearty. A "Riserva" is a Cannonau that has been stored for at least two years, at least six months thereof in wooden barrels - oak or chestnut. Wine connoisseurs know that storage make a huge difference and appreciate the Riserva therefore very much. The grape is also used for dessert wines; on the label you will find the note "liquoroso". This variant is much sweeter and has a higher alcohol content.


Monica – derived from the word "monk" – is another very popular wine in Sardinia and it is a red wine. It is an autochthonous wine and therefore a special feature of the island of Sardinia. The vine is cultivated all over Sardinia. The names Monica di Sardegna and Monica di Cagliari are quality standards, which ensure minimum requirements for the wine. Round, full and with the aroma of dark berries ... that's how the Monica tastes. The color is relatively dark. Of course, fans of a good drop will enjoy it just after dinner, on the terrace in the evening or with friends. As with Cannonau, this red wine from Sardinia has the name "Riserva" guaranteeing a storage period of two years.

Dessert wine Malvasia (white wine)

The term "Malvasia" is actually a whole range of grape varieties, which are summarized under the term "Malvasia". Malvasia di Sardegna is a white grape variety that produces great dessert wines. Sweet, with round aroma and heavy taste, it is the ideal companion for dessert or in the course of the later evening. It presents itself in deep golden color with honey notes and herbal aromas. The Malvasia is grown in and around Bosa. Malvasia di Bosa and Malvasia di Planargia are some of the most noble and rare wines in Italy. If you are on in Sardinia, you should not miss to taste a Malvasia.

Wineries in Sardinia

Sella & Mosca, Santadi, Argiolas

Many wines are blended wines. When buying wine, however, it helps to know the common names of the wineries on the island. Otherwise, a wine from Sicily may end up in your shopping basket. Sella & Mosca, Argiolas and Santadi are among the most widespread wine producers and wineries.

You can visit the winery Argiolas in southern Sardinia ( If you like to see the Santadi winery you need to send a request in advance (

In the northern part of Sardinia near Alghero, the winery Sella & Mosca can be visited. It is worth seeing - there is a wine shop and a beautiful property. In order to have a closer look appointments must be made ( The shop can be entered without an appointment.

Cantina di Mogoro and producers in Bosa

Cantina Mogoro is more of an insider tip and has been awarded several times for great wines. While Mogoro itself is not at all touristy, but next to this winery you will find the nuraghe Su Nuraxi. Here, too, the wine can be bought locally: The winery is rarely visited by foreigners or tourists and that makes it so special. It is a great place for real explorers.

Although this does not represent all the wineries of the island, the selection shows the most important wine producers whose wines can also be bought in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US, UK or Australia and Ireland, Canada or all around the world. Only the Cantina di Mogoro is an exception, these wines are not available everywhere. But they are a great souvenir - for a birthday for a wine lover or for special moments at home. The wines of Sella & Mosca, Santadi or Argiolas can also be bought easily at home through an online shop. Alternatively, in some villages there are signs of wineries or the direct sale of wine - as in the picture above in Bosa, where the dessert wine Malvasia is produced.

Sardinia's vineyards bring forth excellent wines. Here at Tortoli / Arbatax there are many growing areas - but there are may other places where you'll find wines - like in Cagliari or Alghero.

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