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Some things are really good to know before you come to Sardinia: How is the weather, which climate to expect, when is the best time to travel to Sardinia, can I drink the tap water, how to access the internet in Sardinia, do I need a power adapter or converter and other questions are quite common. Here are the answers. Find the most important information about Sardinia below.


Drinking Water

Water or clean drinking water is extremely important. Usually first time visitors are not sure if the tap water is drinkable. In general you won't face too much problems about drinking water in Sardinia, so do not worry. A bigger issue is to have some water with you when you go hiking or to lonely places. There are a few details you should be aware of.

Be safe.

Drinking water


Sardinia is on a continental plate on its own. That makes geology on the island very exciting. If geology, minerals and stones are your hobby you will find Sardinia to be a great outdoor-museum. But you do not need to be an expert to enjoy geology. Strong forces like the wind and chemical processes have created an exceptional landscape.

Experience the geological outdoor museum Sardinia.



Sardinia practically provides the opportunity to travel back in time. Sardinias situation in the middle of the mediterranean ocean kept many things intact and forged a very unique historical development A little bit of background information helps to understand the historical places, ancient cities and terms like "nuraghe" as well as Sardinias culture.

Travel back in time.


Street condition and public transport

On-site mobility and transportation often is very important. Travelling by public transport might be your best option if you do not want to rent a car. What to expect from the streets on Sardinia? Is there a bus system and how reliable is the bus system? Are there trains on Sardinia? Find answers to your questions about streets and public transport.


A world without mobiles or cells and internet access is almost unthinkable these days. We like to keep in touch with our friends and family, post the latest beach images on Facebook or Instagram or you may want to watch a film. The internet in Itlay is surpringly good - you only need to know how it works to gain access.

Hassle free internet access and phone calls.

Phone and Internet

Climate and travel time

Choosing the right time for your journey is of decisive importance. It becomes very hot during summer time (July, August, September). Spring and autumn might be much better options for you - especially if you want to go hiking or biking and wind surfing or kiting. Learn more about temperatures, wind and other important climate factors during the whole year.

Find the right travel time.

Climate and travel time


You are travelling to Sardinia in the next days? Or you are already there and want to know what is coming? You will find information referrering to current weather and the weather forecast on the following page and on all pages about specific places on Sardinia. Looking at weather forecasts it is good to know that the wind makes it sometimes hard to create a reliable forecast.

Flora and fauna

The animals and plants of the island of Sardinia are very diverse and unique. A few basic information about flora and fauna will help you seeing the island from a new perspective. This also helps with travel planning, as the landscape changes dramatically as the seasons go by. The flora of Sardinia offers different moods and pictures in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Experience the animals and plants of Sardinia.

Animals and plants

People on Sardinia

You will be treated as a friendly tourist in Sardinia. But you are still a tourist. One or the other interview with people in Sardinia open up new perspectives.

Experience a different Sardinia.

People on Sardinia

Find the right holiday destination

Sardinia is not a small island. Various landscapes with steep cliffs or gentle beaches stretching along the coast provide diversity. Find the right place/s for your journey to Sardinia.

Discover Sardinias holiday regions.

Holiday regions, cities and villages

Sardinia maps

Maps can help to gain an overview. For orientation i have generated some maps with beaches, historical sites, mountain ranges and more. The road network and maps to take with you might also be important.

Plan your journey.

Sardinia maps

Arrival and accomodation

The arrival and accomodation section contains the most important information about airports, ferries and ferry ports, rental cars, camping, apartments, holiday homes or hotels and more.

Experience Sardinia safely.

Arrival and Accomodation

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