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Climate, the water temperatures in Sardinia or the wind: These factors play an important role in determining the right travel time. Find out what time is right for your ideal vacation. The climate in Sardinia is mediterranean with a mild winter and very warm summer months. From April onwards it starts getting warm, in the midller of May the bathing season starts and it lasts until about mid-October. But even November can still have a very mild climate. Not all houses or apartments have a heating. In spring and autumn / winter it can be pretty cold - especially at night. On the other hand, it is customary to have a fireplace with an open fire, which can be very cozy. But for the winter and early spring months this is simply not enough. The peak season is in July and August. By then it is very warm in Sardinia.


Climate and best travel time Sardinia

Traveltime Sardinia

The question "when is the right traveltime for Sardinia" cannot be answered in just one sentence. It depends on how you like to spend your holiday and also on your budget. The peak season starts in the middle of June and ends in the beginning of September. Temperatures are sometimes rising about 40 degrees celsius / 100 degrees fahrenheit at that time of the year. It is perfect for a beach holiday or any sort of watersports. But: This is also the most costly season. Even a very small car rental at that time of the year costs more than 1,000 EUR per week. In addition there is a lot going on then. If you are seeking a quiet holiday, this is not the right time for you. In case you like to spend a beach holiday in a more quite environment and for much less money you should go around end of may, beginning of june, in the middle of september until the mittle of october.

The average tables claim "only" 30 degrees celsius / 86 degress fahrenheit for the summer, but the thermometer regularly climbs far beyond that limit. In particular this holds true in the south of the island and in sheltered bays or mountain valleys. If you are sensitive to the heat, if you like to go cycling, hiking or climbing on the island, it is best to not go during peak season. A hike tour or bike ride at such temperatures is a health issue and definitely not recommended. Sunbathers, on the other hand, will feel that this is exactly the right time on the island - the beach or on a boat is the place to be in summer.

Best travel time for the outdoors

From mid-May to mid-June and from mid-September to about the end of October, climate is cooler, but still warm. About 25 degrees celsius / 77 degrees fahrenheit, which can be well endured are the average then. Sometimes it becomes a little bit warmer or colder - depending on the weather. During this season, the water for swimming is warm enough. Those who are not dependent on school holidays can decide freely. In this mid-season a well-mixed holiday program is possible, more sporty activities on land or a stroll through the city in Cagliari is just as enjoyable as a beach day. For hikers, climbers and cyclists are March, April, May and October perfect months. Increased wind is quite normale in spring.

For fans of surfing, on the other hand, the windier low season provides a wonderful climate. The waves at the relevant spots for windsurfing, surfing and kiting finally hit high from October to April along with the appearance of the winds mistral and scirocco.

Sardinia in winter: Mostly mild climate

It is cooler outside the previously mentioned times. Also in Sardinia snow is falling - especially on the mountains. In the lowlands snow or freezing cold tempereratures are an exception. In rare cases snow is coming down during the night, but usually disappears as soon as the sun comes out during the day. Overall, the climate in the cold months, especially in the south of the island is quite mild. Even in January or February, the sun usually shows up and it gets up to 15 degrees during the day. By March, it will be warmer again. With a bit of luck, you can experience the first warm days in mid-march. Water temperature is not suitable for bathing in winter - about 15 degrees are just too cold.

Climate: Average temperatures and water temperature

The previous graph represents the average temperatures - measured in Celsius. Please keep in mind that there may be greater deviations. There are often different weather conditions in Sardinia because of the winds and mountains, so that you often can't even sort out a specific temperature for one day (it might be different depending on where you are). By the way, in the south of the island it is usually a bit warmer than in the north of Sardinia. The water temperatures are warmest from June to October with 20 to 25 degrees celsius (68 to 77 degrees fahrenheit). In December, January and February, water temperatures drop to about 13 degrees celsius (55 degrees fahrenheit).

Wind in Sardinia

The mistral is a wind coming from the west - from France. It is a very strong wind and it is not the only one being present in Sardinia. It sometimes hits the westcoast quite heavy - in particular during spring months like march and april. With the mistral quite impressive waves are coming in along the west coast - wind strength is up to 8 to 12 beaufort by times. Ihr seht also: The Isola del Vento (Island of Wind) carries that nickname for a good reason. Some other winds are present, too: The Scirocco (Wind from the south, coming from the Sahara desert in Africa), the Ponente (Southwind and Westwind) and the Levante (Eastwind). The wind is rarely giving it a break on Sardinia. Only in summer it is not very strong.

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