Drinking Water in Sardinia


Can you drink the water in Sardinia? This is a frequently asked question. Actually, there is not too much to say about drinking water or tap water in Sardinia. But things are often not as simple as they may look like. A little bit of basic information helps to answer the question.


Drinking water in Sardinia: Tap water and cisterns

If your holiday home is connected to public water supply, then you can drink the water there and of course, it is suitable for cooking. However: It has a slightly chlorine-containing odor. Even if that does no harm, many people simply do not like it. The alternative is bottled drinking water, which is very affordable and available in every supermarket. For the purpose of cooking, showering, brushing teeth and the like, the water is safe.

Some houses - if they are very far away from villages or cities - are making use of a cistern. In this case, the use of purchased water for drinking or cooking is actually advisable. Inform yourself in case of doubt beforehand and ask the owner or your holiday home rental.

Drinking Water while you are on tour

Caution is advisable for rivers. Those who travel in autumn, winter or spring will find beautiful rivers and streams in the area of the mountain range Iglesiente. Since this is a former mining area, the use of the fresh water there is not advisable. Take something to drink with you when you go on hikes, excursions and tours. Generally it gets partly very hot in Sardinia, especially in summer. Additionally you will not find a supermarket in some hiking areas or nature reserves. It is therefore always a good idea to bring a sufficient water supply.

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