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Pictures or images are speaking a language on their own. Images of Sardinia, Cagliari, the beaches of Sardinia, beautiful landscape images - they are all taken by me. My Nikon Camera is my best friend while I am traveling and the results are not too bad. But see for yourself and let me take you on a journey around Sardinia.


Sardinia in Pictures: Cagliari, Beaches, Landscapes and more

Sardinia and the light

The sun, the weather and the winds create magic moments of light. One of them can be seen in this picture.

Colourful Sardinia

This is one of my classics when it comes to pictures of Sardinia. The colourful umbrellas are protecting the pedestrian zone from the heat and the sun.


Sardinia has more than 100 beaches and many coastal kilometers or miles. The next beach is always near. About Beaches on Sardinia.

Flora and Fauna

You'll find a lot of plants and animals in Sardinia. This picture of a strawberry tree was taken in November. About Plants and Animals.

Mountains on Sardinia

The photo shows the hills and lower mountains of the Ogliastra. But there are also wild and rugged mountain ranges on the island. About Mountains on Sardinia.

All ranges of Blue

The image of the Cala Brandinci represents many beaches around Sardinia. They are almost like carribean beaches. About Beaches on Sardinia.

The Ocean is always near

Cactuses can be found all around Sardinia. Their blossoms are just too beautiful. This picture was taken in April when nature is practically exploding on Sardinia.

Historic Sardinia

Sardinia has many historic places and some are much older than the Roman empire. Some are not that old but still very impressive. About Historical Places.

The capital Cagliari is a city that might very well be good enough for a complete picture book. Here are some impressions of this lively city. About Cagliari.


Sheeps are very wide spread in Sardinia. You'll see them in larger flocks. The image was taken in march, when the camomille covers meadows as if it was a cushion.

Carpets made of Flowers

If you go to Sardinia in March, April or May you may see one of those grandiose flower carpets. This one of course is very exeptional, but in general it is not a rare thing at that time of the year.

Water and Boats

Where there is that much water, there must be boats, too. And there are many. This picture was taken in Palau, where the boats for the Archipel La Maddalena are leaving. About La Maddalena.

Sandy beaches or steep cliffs

Sardinia offers various landscapes. No matter if you like large sandy beaches and flat landscapes or rough cliffs like these - Sardinia has it all. This image was taken in Cala Gonone.

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