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A map helps to get an overwiew. Sardinia maps can be found below - showing different topics or places that are of interest: Beach map, map of the main attractions, mountains of Sardinia and more. It is a good idea to bring a printed local area map. Who has a mobile phone with an internet or data tariff: There are some dead spots, even if the coverage with the Internet is generally good on site. So you can not always rely on Google Maps or similar services. Navigational devices also often have incorrect data.


Scale and distances, important places, mountains, excavations, airports and ports

Map / Overview

The following map shows the distances or scale of the map. 270 kilometers (168 miles wide) and about 145 kilometers (90 miles) long or high is Sardinia. The distances are not to be underestimated, because many routes and roads are curvy and one does not progress very fast.

The main ports, airports and places are also marked here - as well as the main towns. The capital Cagliari is located in the south (bottom), Olbia in the northeast (top right) is also an important place for the journey. And also in Alghero in the northeast (top left) there is an airport. More details can be found in the section Arrival and Accomodation.


Overview of the mountains and historical sites of Sardinia

This map shows the mountains and the most important archaeological sites or ancient places of Sardinia in an overview map. More about mountains in Sardinia or ancient cities, nuraghi, fairy tombs. It becomes clear that Sardinia is covered by several mountain ranges. In Sardinia, there are many other places that tell of ancient times. On the map only the most important are marked.

The Sardinia map on Google is a great resource, also Google Street View shows most streets on Sardnia. An overview of all important places and regions with details can be found here: Holiday regions Sardinia

The map of the most important beaches of Sardinia shows that there are many beaches. No matter in which area you are: A beach nearby is always found. But that's not really surprising with over 1,800 kilometers of coastline. Numerous beaches and bays are not listed on the overview. More about beaches on Sardinia.

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