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Sardinia is more than just tourist folklore and beautiful beaches. There are interesting people living in Sardinia. Join me on my journey and look at the island with the eyes of its inhabitants. You can hardly get better travel guides and insights.


Introduction: People in Sardinia

Photography meets nature: Daniele Macis

Daniele ( shoots for great magazines and travels around the world. The work of Daniele is absolutely worth seeing, his photos are spectacular. But on his Facebook page you will find above all works from and about Sardinia. Because: Like his countrymen, he loves his home country above all else.

My name is Daniele Macis and I am 26 years old. My home is Sassari, Sardinia. My passion is photography, especially landscape photography. I use my passion to be in contact with nature and also to travel and discover new places. And yes, I like to travel. I have been to Guatemala, the Seychelles, Senegal, Egypt, Ireland and many other countries. My work as a photographer has brought me there and I love these places. Actually, it does not really matter where I'm going - it's just important that I travel.

Sardinia is known to most people for its beautiful blue sea and great beaches. But you do not really know Sardinia, until you have seen the inland of Sardinia. There are so many wonderful places to visit.

I love my island, it is the most beautiful place to live for me. If I want to go to the beach, that's 5km, if I want to go to the mountains, it's 10km. I have everything I can wish for here and that is a real luxury. Sure, in everyday life things are sometimes different. We have economic difficulties - like rest of Italy. But I am confident that it will get better. I also consider myself a Sardinian, not an Italian. It is another way of thinking, very own traditions and just another view of the world. Maybe that's because we live Sardinians on an island.

We should change our way of representing Sardinia. Sardinia is very special and unique - we should stop comparing it with other places.

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