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The current weather and the forecast for Sardinia can be found in the following overviews. Prediections for Sardinia are something to be careful about - even statements about the currrent weather are sometimes quite tricky . The many winds make forecasting difficult, and as soon as the sun comes out from behind the clouds or when the wind comes down, there can be extreme fluctuations in temperature. While the weather is great in one part of Sardinia, it might be raining in another part of the Island.

There are various pages about the weather on the internet. As alreay mentioned forecasting as well as the current weather are not exactly a simple thing. The best thing you can do, is to not only look on forecasts. If you want to know how the weather is and how it will be, it is best to check on satellite picture that represent the actaul situation. Only there you will see where possibly emerging clouds or rainfalls pull up and where they are headed to. If you want to check, try this page: Meteoblue Weather and Satellite.


Weather and Forecast

Sardinia: Current weather and forecast in Celsius

Check on the overview referring to the current weather all over Sardinia in Celsius (wind in km/h)

Current weather and forecast Sardinia in Fahrenheit

Current weather and forecast Sardinia in Fahrenheit and winds in miles per hour:

Spring Weather in March, April, May

In the spring months of March, April and May, spring is in full swing in Sardinia. Already in March, the island becomes wonderfully green - it blooms everywhere, with whole flower carpets of different flowers. While in March only a few days are to be expected, which seem almost summery in a calm spot, the first summer-alike days are emerging already in April / May. It is getting warmer and warmer in these months. In general, it is quite mild - from about 15 degrees Celsius / 65 degress Fahrenheit with strong fluctuations in March to the occasional exceedance of the 25 degrees Celsius / 77 degress Fahrenheit limit in May. The spring is often quite windy especially on the west coast - it is the ideal season for surfers and kiters there. At night temperatures can get quite cold in March and April. On the mountains you often need a warm jacket, temperateres on top of the Gennargentu for example are sometimes about 5 to 7 degrees Celsius / 40 degrees Fahrenheit lower than elsewhere. You can swim pretty well from mid-May. In the months before May bathing very much depends on how sensitive you are.

Summer: Weather in June, July, August and September

In the summer months of June, July, August - until about mid-September, it is getting warm in Sardinia. Temperatures continue to climb and depending on the exact location they can exceed 40 degrees Celsius / 100 degrees Fahrenheit, especially in July / August. The previously lush green landscape is burning now and Sardinia is quite barren in many places. Even at night it is not really cool. Air conditioning is helpful during these months. In addition, the risk of fire on the island is now rising sharply. Fires in the arid landscape rejuvenate every year. The weather in Sardinia in June, July and August is stable and sunny; just right for a beach holiday or a diving holiday. Who does not tolerate heat very well, should avoid the summer months. The water temperatures are warm at this time of the year. The wind as well as the waves are usually not very strong. The waves often completely disappear and make the mediterranean sea an awesome swimming pool. Still you should take care of the ocean current of course. An air condition is helpful in July, August and September. It also helps to keep the mosquitos out because they do not like cool temperatures.

Automn: Weather in October and November

The weather from late September to mid or late October in Sardinia is still mild and often summery warm. It is very rare, that it is getting as hot as in midsummer in October and November. The heated water keeps the temperatures at this time of the year and so September and October are still wonderful bathing months. At the end of October it cools down a bit, the nights start to get colder, so a warming layer of clothing is useful. With a bit of luck, it may be that the weather in November is still really good - but the water temperatures in November start to drop in any case. Some brave ones still go swimming; it's a matter of sensitivity. The first rains after a long, hot and dry summer make Sardinia greener again and the autumn light conjures wonderful landscapes. The wind is usally stronger again in October and November. But still the most windy time of the year is springtime.

Winter: Weather in December, January, February

The weather in the winter months December, January and February in Sardinia is mild compared to Central European conditions. Even in January, it can be up to 15 degrees warm in the daytime in sunny weather. But sometimes snowfalls emerge. In the lowlands, the snow does not remain and cold days are rather rare anyway. In the mountains, however, it can still snow until March / April and get really uncomfortably cold. Sardinia is beautiful even in winter, the landscape even green and lush. If you want to go on a trip in December, January or February, you should bring something warm to wear, be prepared for occasional rain (in the mountains also occasionally on snow) and, above all, book an accommodation with heating and / or fireplace. Fireplaces are

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