Holiday destination Sardinia - Where to on Sardinia?


Sardinia is an attractive holiday destination. But where to on Sardinia? Many places of interest, exciting historical insights, beaches of unreal beauty, mountains or flat landscapes, diverse holiday regions and places, ancient cities, markets and much more ... you are seeking to find the right place for your holiday or journey? You want to know where to go hiking, where to find the best spots for diving or surfing and which region might be the best for your stay on Sardinia? Where to go shopping and what is up in the capital of Sardinia - in Cagliari? Then this page should help you sorting it out.


Finding a suitable holiday destination on Sardinia

Sardinia is an Island. But it is anything but small. It takes about 3.5 hours to get from the airbport in the north coast to the south. If you are using backroads it would take much longer. Whereever you go on Sardinia: Landscapes vary a lot and they provide very different experiences. If you like to go diving or climbing you will most likely head for another than a family that is seeking a beach holiday.

Discover Sardinias Regions.

Holiday regions

Solo traveller or familiy?

No matter if you go to Sardinia on your own or if you are a family with small kids: Sardinia is the right place for you. Sardinians are nice peple, they do not bother guests - also women travelling unaccompanied are safe on Sardinia. Some places are better for families than others. Learn which places are the best and what is important in case of travelling with little kids.

Be well on the way - with or without company.

Family holidays or solo traveller

Sardinias beaches

More than one hundred beaches - that is what Sardinia offers. RockMehr als 100 Strände bietet die Insel. Rocky beaches, sandy beaches – golden, white or almost black and beaches made of small quartz pebbles like rice. There is no question about it: Sardinia is one of those places where you find the most beautiful beaches around the globe. Surfing, kiting, swimming, windsurfing, sailing, diving or canoeing, strong waves or shallow and calm water - it is all here. Are you curious about the beaches of Sardinia? Then read more here.

Experience the blue sea.


Where history comes alive

Time travel is possible on Sardinia. The time jump will put you 6.000 years back - rock-cut chamber tombs, nuraghes, antique or ancient cities built by phoenicians and romans as well as other attractions can be found on Sardinia. A large number of historical and archaeological sites is waiting for you. For the ones who love to see morbid ghost towns: Former mining activities have left their traces: Abandondened villages and huge mines are still there; some of them can be visited. There is something for everyone on the island of Sardinia - you only need to choose.

Make a time jump.

Historical places

Mountain ranges on Sardinia

Large parts of Sardinia are covered with mountains and hills. Northern Sardinia has less mountains than the middle and the south - plain landscapes are rare and they are found around Stintino and Oristano. In some parts Sardinias mountains are cliffy, in some parts they are gentle. Other parts consist of high plains - traversed by mystic cave systems. Hiking fans, bouldering enthusiasts, mountainbiker or fans of wild landscapes will be thrilled by Sardnias mountains.

Go up high.

Mountain ranges

Shopping on Sardinia

On Sardinia you will find all modern comfort of the western world. Supermarkets, shopping centers or shopping malls and similar places are not a problem in Sardinia. Much more exiciting places are markets, farmers markets or buying directly from producers on the island. No matter if you plan to buy clothes and textiles, souvenirs, handicrafts or fresh seafood and gastronomic specialities - here is everything you need to know about a great shopping experience on Sardinia.

Discover the treasures of Sardinia.


Museums on Sardinia

From a cultural and historical perspective Sardinia is very special. Its location in the middle of the mediterranean sea makes Sardinia unique. Furthermore it is not part of the european continental plate; it is situated on its own continental shelf. There are many museum telling stories of wars, occupation, romans, phoenicians, the history of mining, early history or modern arts: Sardinia offers exciting locations.

Find the right place for every sort of weather.


Activities: Hiking, Surfing, Diving and more

No matter if you are a hiker, a diver, a surfer, a climber or if you like horse riding or boat trips and canoeing .... you will find many opportunities for various activites around Sardinia. In general the island provides an enormous range of possibilities for people seeking outdoor experiences. But it very much depends on where exactly you plan to stay or where you are. Learn about the best places for different activities.

Go diving or sail with the wind.


Places of interest on Sardinia

There a many places of interest on Sardinia. I have put together the most important ones. A look at this page will also help planning a round trip or circular trip. Do not underestimate distances; it sometimes takes really long to get from one place to another. And very often you find yourself in a place where you have planned one or two hours and end up with spending a complete day. Time goes by very quick on Sardinia - take yourself some time to discover the highlights of this island.

Discover the most important places of interest.

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Maps and charts can also be useful. I have created some maps in order to orient yourself: Sardinia Maps.

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