Beaches of Sardinia


Sardinia offers more than 100 beaches and a coastline of more than 1.000 miles / 1.800 kilometers. Along the coast you will find outstanding beaches. Some are very close to each other. They are practically countless, many smaller bays and beaches do not even have a name. Sardinias beaches are perfection.

The geology of the island of Sardinia provides a great variety of beaches. Sometimes they are made of fine sand and almost black, sometimes they are made of quartz grain and white, occasionally they are almost golden. But there are also flimsy beaches and steep cliffs. One spectacular point of interest on Sardinia is the pink beach which is subject to strict rules of environmental protection.

During the peak season those beaches are busy, but not too crowded and there are beach bars, dive centers in many places, surf shops, rental of sundbeds and umbrellas or smaller shops offering beachwear and other basics. In the low season you may find one or the other beach being totally or almost empty. Many beach bars are only open from may to september. Restaurants along beaches are rare, most restaurants are located near beaches and town centers, but not on the beach.

If you are planning a beach holiday on Sardinia you should know, where and when to go. In March, April, May and October (low Season) it is best to spend your time in the southern part of Sardinia. In June, July, August and September the complete island is a perfect destination for beach holiday. Dogs are not allowed along the beaches of Sardinia, but there are official dog beaches where you can bring your four footed friends.

As Italy is a very religious country please respect culture: It is not reasonable to completely undress in public. Wear a bikini, swimsuit, swimming trunks or swim shorts. Sardinians love their "terra sarda" (Sardinian earth) a lot. So do not leave any waste and do not light any fire along a beach or somewhere else. In general Sardinia provides great nature experiences, it is not exactly a party island. So if you expect fancy beach parties, concerts and entertainment like in Rimini or other places around Italy: Sardinia is not the right place for you. Last but not least: If you are afraid of sharks there is nothing to worry about.


Beaches in eastern Sardinia and western Sardinia

Beaches on the west coast of Sardinia

The west coast of Sardinia and its beaches are much wilder than the east coast or the south and the north of Sardinia. Strong winds like the mistral are coming in and shapes landscapes along the west coast. In spring (March, April) there are sometimes massive waves rolling along the west coast, it is a surfers paradise then. Along the west coast you will find steep cliffs and gentle sandy beaches - wild and romantic at the same time. As the wind is not blowing every day you may find some places where you have very calm waters on one day followed by extreme waves on the next day.

In summer (June, July, August, September) the wind is not blowing that much. Ideal beaches for swimming, diving, snorkeling, boat trips and other actitities are almost guaranteed in these months.

The following list shows most beaches on the westcoast of Sardinia. The most beautiful are marked with a stark. Go and see for yourself - you may discover one or the other place that is not listed below.

  • Beaches near Oristano/Sinis: Is Arutas*, Putzu Idu*, Mari Ermi*, S’arena Scoada, Sa Mesa Longa, Maimoni, Mare Morto, Torregrande, San Giovanni di Sinis* and all bays and beaches around Tharros.
  • Beaches near Bosa/Cuglieri: Bosa Marina*, Porto Alabe, S’Archittu, Santa Caterina Pittinuri, Sa Capanna.
  • Beaches near Alghero: Argentiera, Dell Lazaretto, Mugoni*, Fertilia, Lido di San Giovanni, Corallo.
  • Beaches near Buggeru/Torre dei Corsari: Pistis, Torre dei Corsari, Funtanazza, Marina di Arbus, Portu Maga, Piscinas*, Scivu, Portixeddu*, Buggeru, Cala Domestica, Molo di Masua, Porto Cauli.
  • Beahes near Iglesias: Fontanamare, Plage Mesu, Portoscuso.

Beaches on the east coast of Sardinia

In large parts the east coast is not as wild as the west coast of Sardinia. Do you like to spend a beach vacation, want to go swimming - also with children - like canoeing and sunbathing? Then the east coast is a perfect place for you. The northern east coast is near the Olbia Airport and has a lot of large sandy beaches. In the middle of the east coast (near Cala Gonone) you will find spectacular cliffs and caves, which are ideal for diving. The south-east coast (Villasimius, Arbatax and other villages) consists of rocky beaches as well as sandy beaches. The Cagliari Airport is nearby if you want to go there.

This list might help you finding your favourite beach along the east coast. Again, the best beaches around Sardinia are marked with a star.

  • Beaches near Siniscola, Budoni, San Teodoro: Capo Comino, delle Barche, Spiaggia di San Giovanni, Su Tiriarzu, Porto Ottiolu, Isuledda, Lu Impostu*, Cala Brandinchi*, Punta Don Diego, Spiaggia di Porto Istana, Spiaggia di Porto Taverna*, La Cinta*.
  • Beaches near Orosei / Nationalpark Golf von Orosei und Gennargentu-Gebirge: Osalla, Cala dei Gabbiani, Cala Marilou*, Cala Luna*, Cala Goloritzé*, Cala Gonone, Cala Biriola, Cala Sisine, Ziu Santoru, Cala Fuili*, Sos Dorroles, Centrale, Osalla di Dorgali, Su Barone, Cala Liberotto, Sa Curcurica, Oasi di Bidderosa*.
  • Beaches near Tortoli/Arbatax: Spiaggia di Santa Maria Navarrese, Lido delle Rose, Spiaggia di Tancau, Spiaggia di Pollu, Iscirxedda, Isula Manna, Capaninna*, Cala Moresca, Spiaggia delle Rocce Rosse, Spiaggia di Porto Frailis, S’orologiu, Lido di Orri*, Cala Ginepro, Musculedda, di Cea.
  • Beaches near Bari Sardo/Cardedu/Tertenia: Sa Marina (Torre di Bari), Foddoni, Marina di Cardedu*, di Museddu, Perd’e Pera, Foddini, Su Sirboni, Coccorocci, Marina di Tertenia, Foxi Murdegu.
  • Beaches near Costa Rei/Muravera: Cala Murtas, Porto Corralino, Porto Corallo, San Giovanni Spiaggia, di Feraxi, Cala Sa Figu, Porto Pirastu (Costa Rei), delle Ginestre, Santa Giusta, Castiadas Spiaggia, Marina di San Pietro*, Colinetta di Monte Turno, Cala Sinizias*, Cala Pira*, all beaches around Villasimius*, Costa Rei* and Muravera*.

Beaches in southern Sardinia and northern Sardinia

Beaches on the north coast of Sardinia

The north of Sardinia is also dominated by many beaches. Some of them are wide and sandy, other ones are small hideaways - magical places to relax. Absolutely outstanding is the archipelago La Maddalena, which consists of 62 small islands in a protected areas. You can go there by boat via Palau. As the Olbia Airport is near and landscapes are gentle the north of Sardinia is the most touristic region of Sardinia. There are no large buildings or hotels along the coast, so that mass tourism is not an option here. But: During the main season it has its price. If you prefer a more natural and authentic environment: Go for the southern part of Sardinia and the west coast. The north is a great choice if you like to go out, if you like fancy and high-quality leisure activities or a very high standard of living. The beautiful surrounding here is not going unnoticed: Wealthy people from all around the world tend to spend their holidays here (only during peak season) in northern Sardinia. If you are seeking real sardinian experience, spend you holiday on a farm in the back-country of the northern coast. The next beach won't be too far away.

  • Beaches near Olbia/Budoni/San Teodoro: Porto Ottiolu, Isuletta, La Cinta*, Cala Brandinci*, Porto Istana, Del Dottore, Spiaggia di Bados, Spiaggia Bianca, di Portisco, Capriccioli, Liscia Ruja*, Dei Sassi, Capriccioli, Piccolo Pevero, Cala Granu, Porto Taverna*.
  • Beaches near Palau/Porto Cervo/LaMaddalena: Cannigione, Barca Bruciata, Dell’Isolotto, Porto Faro, La Galatea, Cala Martinella, Spiaggia di Talmone*, Costa Serena, Punta Tegge, Del Relitto, Cala Andreani, Cala Brigantina, Cala Coticcio, Cala Garibaldi, Cala Serena, Spiaggia di Spalmatore, Spiaggia di Strangolato, Spiaggia di Nelson, delle Piscine, La Liscia.
  • Beaches near Santa Teresa Gallura: Rena Bianca*, Rena di Ponente, Cala Grande (Valle della Luna), Cala Spinosa, La Liccia, Naracu Nieddu, Torre Vignola Mare.
  • Beaches near Costa Paradiso und Castelsardo: Spiaggia di Li Cossi, Spiaggia La Marinedda*, Isola Rossa, Junchi di Badesi*, Baia delle Mimose, Valledoria, San Pietro, La Ciaccia*, Lu Bagnu.
  • Beaches near Porto Torres, Stintino und auf der Insel Asinara: La Pelosa*, Scolgio Lungo, Platamona, Ezzi Mannu, delle Saline*, Punta Negra, Cala S. Andrea, Cala d’Oliva, Cala d’Arena, Cala Trabuccato.

Beach on the south coast of Sardinia

Southern Sardinia is the right place in March, April, May and October - it is a little warmen than the rest of Sardinia. The beaches of the south can be easily reached via the airport in Cagliari. Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, the city-beach named Poetto spreads over 8 kilometers / 5 miles and is one of the most lively places on Sardinia. But there are also many beaches near Cagliari - Torre delle Stelle, Villasimius and other places are located east of Cagliari. Wonderful sandy beaches can also be found west of Cagliari: Pula, Chia, Porto Pino and other beaches are the most exceptional places in the world.

  • Beaches in and around Cagliari: Poetto (Stadtstrand Cagliari)*, Cala Mosca, Capitana, Cala Regina, Kal’e Moru, Genn’e Mari, Solanas*, Mari Pintau, Baccu Mandara.
  • Beaches near Pula/Teulada: Portu Columbu, Dei Fichi, Santa Margherita di Pula, Chia, Si Giudeu*, Su Guventeddu, Nora, Pinus Village, Sa Colonia, La Tuaredda*, Del Morto, Malfatano, Piscinni, Campionna, Torre del Budello, Porto Tramatzu.
  • Beaches in and around Villasimius: Porto Sa Ruxi, Campulongu, Porto di Villasimius, Notteri, del Riso, Porto Giunco*, Capo Carbonara, Is Traias, Punta Molentis*.
  • Beaches on Sant Antioco: Maladroxia*, Coacuaddus, Cala Sapone, Cala Lunga, Grande, Is Pruinis, Sottotorre, Delle Saline, Mangiabarche, Della Tonnara, Spiaggia di Coaquaddus*.
  • Beaches on Carloforte: Spalmatore, Cala Fico, Lunga, Della Punta, Isola Piana, Girin, Spiaggi di Guidi*, Spiaggia della Conca, Le Colonne, La Caletta*.
  • Beaches near Carloforte/Sant Antioco: Porto Botte, Porto Pino*, Delle Dune.

Information and Images around the beaches of Sardinia

Map of all beaches on Sardinia

It is impossible to have really every beach on Sardinia on one picture. An overview of the most important ones clearly shows how many beaches there are. Some smaller places or bays do not even have a name.

Beaches in the north of Sardinia

No matter where you are on Sardinia: You will always find a beach nearby. Beaches in the north of Sardinia are most popular and these are some of the wonderful places you will find there. La Caletta is being found in the north-eastern part of Sardinia. The mountain "tavolare" dominates the city Olbia and the village of San Teodoro.

Surfing on Sardinia

If you are a fan of surfing you will also find spots on Sardinia. There are some awesome places to go, the strongest wind and impressive waves are to be found in the west of Sardinia. But also the north coast and the west coast offer nice places for surfers.

Further beaches on Sardinia

One of the most famous beaches on Sardinia is La Pelosa (image below). Located in the north near Stintino you will not only find La Pelosa. While La Pelosa is stunningly beautiful, the other beaches around stintino are less crowded. There are many wonderful beaches on Sardinia - Stintino and La Pelosa are not the only ones.

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