Sardnina for Families with kids or solo travellers


Sardinia offers a great variety of different destinations and landscapes. For families with children or single travelers (with or without a child), there are numerous spots that are suitable. Sardinia is a part of Italy and italians love children. They are also quite nice people, not bothering their guests. Solo travellers are very safe in Sardinia.


Family Holiday or being on your own

Sardinia with kids

Family vacation in Sardinia? Basically people are very fond of children in Sardinia. No matter where you want to spend your vacation ... toddlers are not a problem. Especially nice for children is agrotourism (farms with accommodation). There is a large choice of farms and they offer various standards of living - some are superior, some offer very basic rooms or apartments. Most apartments and houses are designed anyway for a family stay, a nursery is usually available.

Many children are sensitive when it comes to longer car trips with many bends. As there are many mountains in Sardinia you may prefer a place near an airport or port in order to avoid such a trip with too many winding and curvy streets. There are two airports in Sardinia, both cities also have a harbor: Cagliari on the south coast of Sardinia and Olbia in the north east of Sardinia. If you arrive via Olbia airport or port you will find San Teodoro, Budoni and Golfo Aranci most suitable - these places are near to the airport. If you arrive via Cagliari airport or ferry port the best place to be is around Pula, Chia and Porto Pino.

Also Oristano and the Sinis peninsula are great destinations for families and small children. Shallow beaches, calm water and gentle landscapes as well as the proximity to Oristano and Cagliari makes the area perfect. If you arrive via Cagliari it only takes about one hour to get here. In northwestern Sardinia there is another spot being perfect for a familiy holiday: Stintino and Porto Torres.

Frequent questsions are about baby food and other products for children. Of course there are supermarkets in Sardinia that meet western standards and also a wide selection of baby food as well as everyday items that are needed. However, the brands are sometimes a little bit more limited and partly the composition of the baby food is slightly different than you and your child might be used to. In some cases this causes problems. If you want to be sure, you have to take baby food with you - in your suitcase. Don't put any food items into your hand luggage because it is not allowed there.

Sardinia for solo travellers

You plan to go to Sardinia on your own? This is not a problem at all. Despite many regions of the world Sardinia is a very safe place to be. That also holds true for women travelling on their own. You won't be bothered nor will you be subject to sexual harrasment or intrusive men. Sardinians are more the quiet type when it comes to women - they often are shy. If you are going to smaller villages with only little tourism, people might be a bit curious, but not more. If you talk to people you will find, that they are most friendly and try to help whenever they can.

If you like to communicate and talk to people it is necessary to learn some italian. There are people on Sardinia who speak some english, but you cannot expect it. It often happens that you meet people who do not speak any foreign language. Holiday club facilities and entertainment programs are a rare thing in Sardinia. So if you are seeking a holiday where you get to know other tourists and make new friends you may find Sardinia not exactly the right place. But there are some offers like bus tours to Sardinia - check the internet for suitable offers.

If you are a solo traveller and want to explore hiking trails or go mountain biking: Be careful. Some places in Sardinia are really lonely and far away from an inhabited area. Off peak season it may happen that you go for a hike and will not see another person for many hours. So, in case you are planning for such a tour: Ask for a local guide or leave a message in your hotel, where you are planning to go and when you are planning to be back. Some hiking areas like Monti Arci and also some coastal areas are really perfect for getting lost. In case of doubt: Leave marks at crossroads, so that you will find your way back and do not forget to take sufficient water with you.

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