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The regions of Sardinia are of course politically divided. Meanwhile, this is not too helpful for planning your vacation. That's why I have divided Sardinia into holiday regions in order to find your place or region that suits your individual needs and wishes. Anyway, the whole island can hardly be discovered during only one vacation - unless you stay for several weeks. So: On the virtual journey to Sardinia. Let me take you by the hand and discover the different faces of the island. Before you start to plan your holiday it is always a good idea to answer some questions for yoursef: How do you spend your holidays? Do you prefer to spend the whole day at the beach? Do you want surfing or kiting? Are challenging hiking tours or climbing your passion? And how important is the proximity of a big city? These questions are important in order to find the suitable holiday destination for your trip to Sardinia.


Golfo Aranci, Olbia, San Teodoro und Budoni

Olbia, San Teodoro or Budoni are perfect for beach holidays and are easily accessible thanks to their proximity to Olbia airport. In that part of Sardinia you will find some very touristy places. For example, the main street of Budoni is lined with restaurants, cafés, typical shops, and there are plenty of accommodations as well as amusement options and there also is some nightlife to be found. All kinds of water sports are also part of the acitivities here. Diving, snorkelling or canoeing are very popular around here. If you like to go surfing or kiting it is not the right place, there are not too many waves and winds. The surrounding mountains are rather gentle - the rugged mountainous regions of the Ogliastra around Baunei or Lanusei can be easily reached by car. The area is also perfect for families with small children. Shallow sandy beaches, an airport as well as a ferry port nearby and a very advanced infrastructure in Olbia - these are the reasons to spend a holiday around San Teodoro, Golfo Aranci, Olbia or Budoni.

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Arbatax and Tortoli

Here in the Ogliastra Sardinia is probably the most authentic. Towns in the region are characterized by recognizable charm, awesome food experiences, winding roads connecting the Gennargentu mountain range with the shallow offshore coastline, as well as breathtaking views. Anyone who loves mountains and wants to go hiking or cycling will be happy here. The landscape with impressive bare massifs is a paradise for climbers - for example around Jerzu. Motorcyclists furthermore love the winding roads. There are also abundant lovely beaches. Sandy beaches, rocky beaches, steep cliffs nearby - Arbatax, Tortoli, Santa Maria Navarrese, Cardedu or Bari Sardo have it all. There is no big city nearby, but towns like Lanusei and Tortoli or Arbatax are busy and there is everything you need: Supermarkets, markets, bike rentals, boat tours or boat charter and much more. The villages Bari Sardo and Cardedu are great for a quieter holiday. The area is not too touristy - you will find the genuine and unadorned Sardinia - no any ifs or buts. A holiday with different activities is just as possible here as a beach holiday with a family.

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Villasimius, Costa Rei, Muravera

Costa Rei is undisputedly one of the favorite coastal sections for tourists. You may or may not like that - it's a matter of taste. But even in the center of this coastal village you will find the awesome traditional Sardinian cuisine, although the pizza is probably eaten much more often. The beaches here are gorgeous as always on Sardinia. If you are seeking cliffs and mountain ranges, Costa Rei and the surrounding area is not not the best place to be. There are are elevations behind the coast, but they are not as spectacular as the Gennargentu or Iglesiente mountains. The nearby mountain range of the Sette Fratelli is nevertheless suitable for walks, easy and moderate hikes and very occasionally even some more sophisticated tours. The region is very well suited for a beach holiday and water sports like swimming, canoeing, diving and more. Culturally in the very sparsely populated region rather little is offered. If you like to enjoy city life: The capital of Sardinia - Cagliari - is not too far away. The scenic small city Villasimius is also a wonderful seaside resort, with plenty of choice for the evening or for shopping as well as many beaches.

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Orosei, Cala Gonone, Dorgali und Capo Comino

Another glorious part of the sardinian coast is to be found at the foot of the gennargentu mountains. The cliffy coastline was being shaped in course of millions of years and it is just spectacular. Not only the cliffs and caves are worht it, but also the most awesome beaches of Sardinia. No matter if you are flying in via Olbia, Cagliari or Alghero - you need to drive at least about 2 hours to get here. But the area is worth the driving. Villages like Orosei, Cala Gonone and Dorgali also also perfect for advanced climbers and boulderers. Cala Gonone with its clear waters and underwater caves is one the most important diving spots in europe and the world. There are no big cities nearby, but the lovely authenticity of villages around here is perfect for a vacation and a wonderful time around Sardinia. Orosei and Dorgali are two of the most loveable towns on Sardinia, while Capo Comino offers gently rolling landscapes, dunes and beach perfection.

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If you only want to spend a few days on Sardinia and prefer a vacation in a city: Go for Cagliari. Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and it is located directly along the Golfo degli Angeli (Gulf of Angels). Vibrant, lifely and authentic - that is what characterizes Cagliari the most. There are plenty of shopping opportunities around here, including a large outlet center or the historic city center. Going out is also not a problem in Cagliari. The beach of Cagliari - Poetto - stretches along several kilometers or miles. It is a recreational area for inhabitants of the city and especially during weekends you will find people meeting with family and friends, doing sports, hanging out in one of the many bars along the beach or go to a restaurant. Cagliari is not only a city for amusement. There are many sights to see - especially archaeological sites and historic buildings, partly in the center of the city, partly along the beaches in the east and west of Cagliari. From Cagliari it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach wonderful natural places like mountains, nature reserves or beaches, so that it makes the perfect place for a city holiday in combination with excursions to the surrounding highlights and some of the best spots on Sardinia.

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Pula, Chia, Sant’Antico, San Pietro, Porto Pino

Pula, Chia, Porto Pino are - like Villasimius - easily accessible from the airport in Cagliari. Beaches like Chia are among the most beautiful beaches in the world. A visit to the ancient city of Nora (near Pula) is interesting and worth seeing. Easiy and also quite challenging hiking trails can be found on the coast or in the WWF nature reserve Monte Arcosu. The region itself is sparsely populated. But: The big city Cagliari is not far away and so you can easily escape the quiet life and enjoy the advantages of Sardinian city life. Excursions to Buggeru with cliffs and old mines are something for lovers of wild coasts and more difficult hiking trails as well as climbers. There are numerous water sports facilities here; Chia is known for surfers, but there are also very quiet stretches of beach with shallow water and Caribbean flair. The area is thus extremely versatile and should only appear "inappropriate" if urban pleasures are an important factor in decision-making. The islands San Pietro and Sant'Antioco are very inviting for a boat tour, diving, culinary highlights and wonderful beaches.

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Torre dei Corsari, Buggeru, Piscinas, Nebida, Masua

Buggeru, Nebida and Masua are not for people suffering from fear of heights. Pure bathing tourists who like to stroll through a small town in the evening or families with small children will also not be too happy with this destination or holiday region. Buggeru, Nebida and Masua as well as Porto Flavia are wild, rugged, steep and rocky. In springtime, mighty waves roll to the beaches in the area. Torre dei Corsari and Fontanamare are great places to be if you are seeking a less busy area in Sardinia and great beaches in a less wild environment. Beautiful creeks, hills and of course the coast of Sardinia dominates the picture in Torre dei Corsari. The nearby dune landscape of Piscinas and Ingortosu as well as former mines determine the picture in the mountains. A visit is all worth it. Hiking, diving and exploring the magnificent landscape of caves, plateaus, gorges and more are some of the activities around here. Tours to the capital Cagliari, to bathing and surfing paradises around Pula / Chia, to the ruins of Nora or to the plateau Giara di Gesturi make your stay quite versatile. It is also rather lonely here. Off the peak season these places are absolutely peaceful - a great outdoor experience.

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Oristano, Sinis-Halbinsel and Tharros

Oristano is a lovely city. And yet it is not a tourist resort and not really spectacular. If you walk around Oristano you will find lovely places, houses, backyards and shops. Oristano keeps little treasures everywhere, not being overpopulated with tourists. Enjoy every day Sardinan life and discover an authentic mediterranean lifestyle. All around Oristano you will find various small towns, most of which are quite extensive. Intensive agricultural use of the flat fields and in gentle hills is also very common here. In some places the sky seems to never end. So do the beaches appear: Neverending. Explore the region extensively and you will discover an enormous diversity: Extensive dream beaches, mountain tours in the area of Monte Ferru or Monte Arci, surfing at Putzu Idu, sections with cliffs, paths and trails for walking or hiking. Mountain villages such as Seneghe and others offer interesting sights and invite you to stop over or have a meal. The ancient city of Tharros and the fantastic Sinis Peninsula are a must-see if you are in this region.

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Bosa, Cuglieri and Santu Lussurgiu

Bosa is worth your while. A small town with a vast beach in a wind protected location, a small and lively old and historic city with a fortress and an intense beach life with restaurants and bars - this is Bosa. While Bosa is located directly at the beach, Cuglieri is a little further from the shore. Cliffs alternate with sandy beaches, the mountain ranges of Monti Ferru invite you to more or less extensive tours. When hiking, you will also discover some beautiful routes around here. Bosa as well as cuglieri and Santu Lussurgiu are great for people who like to spend their time with various acitivies. Santu Lussurgiu and Cuglieri both consist of narrow streets, very old houses and sometimes you cannot even get through with a car in those towns. If you are seeking to see Sardinias caribbean-alike beaches, this is not the right place for you.

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Alghero and Capo Caccia

Alghero is a city with about 40,000 inhabitants and offers vibrant life. It is one of the most touristic places in Sardinia. If you like to go shopping, strolling through the streets, going out for dinner or to the nearest bar - entertainment of this kind is no problem here. The famous neptune Cave "Grotta di Nettuno" at Capo Caccia (Capo = Cape) is spectacular and definitely worth a visit. Along the partly rugged cliffs there are also numerous other caves - a trip by boat is simply something you should do in Alghero. The nature reserve Porto Conte invites you to go hiking. Of course, there are also beautiful beaches in and around Alghero. Many historical sites are also nearby and may want to visit a winery as well. Alghero is a place in which a balanced mix of different activities is possible. Outdoor fans, friends of lonely areas or non-toursitic places will probably not be too happy in Alghero.

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Stintino, Porto Torres, Castelsardo, Isola Rossa

This region is ideal for lovers of sandy beaches. The Stintino peninsula and the Island Isola dell'Asinara with their albino donkeys offer countless stretches of beach with crystal clear water and unbelievable colour ranges. In general extensive sandy beaches determine the picture along the northwest coast of Sardinia. The town of Porto Torres is very busy and invites you to go shopping, to go out or to enjoy a traditional Sardinian meal. If you are looking for urban life you can also visit Sassari which is near. In Castelsardo there is an old fortress and like everywhere else in Sardinia, the traces of ancient times can be found a few kilometers or miles off the coast anyway and everywhere. Overall, the northwest is a more touristic area of Sardinia than the south. If you are looking for originality, loneliness or wild landscapes, you should go somewhere else. Here in the northwest, Dolce Vita is it. For families with small children, the region is prefect - even the journey from Olbia airport does not take too long or you may arriva via Alghero which is also not really far from here.

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Santa Teresa Gallura, La Maddalena, Porto Cervo

The northeastern part of Sardinia is being characterised by beautiful beaches and bays, by holiday villages and by unusual rock formations made of granite. Some villages are pure touristic places - you cannot even get in without having a house around here. Most places are open for visitors and you may find little bays, so lovely that you will never want to leave again. If you like to go diving, this is also one of the most interesting areas for you. Off the coast, there are many historical sites and hiking trails. Entertainment, restaurants, bars, clubs and similar venues are to be found in the north as well. On of the most stunning places in Sardinia is La Maddalena, an archipelago that consists of 62 Island. The protected area of La Maddalena can only be reached by boat - usually starting from Palau. Santa Teresa di Gallura is a coastal city that with restaurants, shops, bars, souvenir shops and more.

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