Sardinia has many faces. Alghero and the surrounding area with the Capo Caccia - this is a very own beautiful world for a holiday or a trip. The historic town of Alghero is arguably one of the most beautiful cities on the island ... with a beach right on its doorstep and winding little streets in city center and historic city walls overlooking the sea. Embedded in a breathtaking nature and its own airport, Alghero is one of the top destinations in Sardinia for a beach holiday or activity holiday. Nearby there are also numerous attractions. The easy accessibility also makes Alghero a great destination for a short break.

The nearby Capo Caccia (Cape Caccia) and the Neptune's cave (Grotta di Nettuno) as well as historic sites and protected landscapes are outstanding. Around Alghero you will find numerous beaches. Wether you like kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, hikes, walks, culinary adventures or shopping ... Alghero is the place for you.


Alghero, das Capo Caccia, Neptunsgrotte und mehr


Alghero is just great. Whether you spend a whole vacation right there or come to visit this place just for one day. The town is just as versatile as the whole area here in the north of Sardinia. Just outside Alghero there is a spacious beach (Lido San Giovanni), which is also very popular for kiting or surfing. The eventful history of the island is reflected in Alghero by a strong Spanish character.

The historic center of Alghero

The old town of Alghero is fantastically beautiful with small streets and palazzi all around the center. Restaurants, cafes, bars or small shops with handicrafts seduce you to stroll through Alghero. Information about shopping and markets - also in Alghero - is on the right page about markets, supermarkets and shopping.

A walk along the old city walls allows wonderful views of the open sea or the Capo Caccia (Cape Caccia). During the main season, the population doubles thanks to the many visitors. If you like to see a very lively place you should definitely go to Alghero in summer ... if you prefer a quieter place, Alghero is best visited in the low season.

Capo Caccia and neptunes cave

Sardinia has so much to offer. Also around Alghero there are numerous attractions. An absolute highlight is the Capo Caccia, which is clearly visible from the city wall of Alghero. The striking shape of the rock formation makes it clear from afar: This is a must-see. Also from the beach in Alghero you can enjoy this magnificent view. From the port in Alghero you can also go to the Cape and the neptunes cave - via boat tours.

So, if you come to Alghero, the Capo Caccia should be visited. Such a striking rock formation is impressive just by its very existence. The location along the blue sea does the rest. Capo Caccia can be easily reached by car or bus from Alghero.

The limestone rocks of Capo Caccia fall 200 meters deep into the sea - almost vertically. The texture of the lime also makes for a great natural spectacle: the Capo Caccia is criss-crossed by caves and grottos or caves. The most spectacular cave is the Grotta di Nettuno (Grotta di Nettuno) with several halls that can be reached via a steep staircase from Capo Caccia or by ship from Alghero.

If you are curious and want to understand how these rock formations and caves could occur, then you will find more information in the article about Sardinia's Geology. It costs about25 euros per person (without shipping) to see the neptunes cave. Keep in mind that there are numerous caves in Sardinia. Even if this is one of the most spectacular - elsewhere there are similar experiences that do not cost anything and they are less busy. But you should not miss a view of the cape.

Beaches around Alghero

There are some spots in Sardinia that have more beaches than Alghero and the surrounding area. Nevertheless, here are beautiful sandy beaches that allow a beach holiday. The nearest beach - so to speak right on the doorstep - is the beach Lido di San Giovanni. A maximum of 15 minutes walk from the city center and equipped with many beach bars, the Lido di San Giovanni offers above all the comfort of the city. A little off the usual track is the beach of Porto Ferro, which is very popular. It offers fine sand and shallow water. It is very suitable for families with small children. Sometimes there are stronger winds coming in, significant waves may occur then. But usually that only happens off the peak season.

A beautiful and shallow beach is also the beach Mugoni, which also has a restaurant and sun loungers as well as very clear blue water. A very beautiful sandy beach with almost white sand and pine trees is Spiaggia di Maria Pia. Furthermore, there are the beaches delle Bombarde, the beautiful bay Baia dei Venti, Spiaggia Di Tramariglio or Cala Bramassa being very close to Alghero.

Places of Interest around Alghero and Capo Caccia

Excavations, Wine, Excursions and more

Around Alghero there is much more than the Capo Caccia. The Nuraghe complex Palmavera is one of the most beautiful in Sardinia. It is being found along the main road which also leads to Capo Caccia. Just follow the signs, then you will find this magical place.

The necropolis (rock tombs) of Anghelo Ruju are being found along the road towards Porto Torres. They are also worth seeing and give an impression of the inhabitants of the island, who left their mark several thousand years before our time. What a nuraghe is or what rock tombs are all about, read the article about historical places in Sardinia. Of course there is also information about the History of the island Sardinia available.

Only a few hundred meters away from the rock tombs - on the opposite side of the road - is the Tenuta Sella & Mosca ... one of the most famous wineries on the island. The Enoteca (wine shop) can be visited at any time; shopping is also possible for private purposes. A visit is worthwhile even for the beautiful grounds, which is a well-kept showpiece of Sardinian culture. What excellent wines the island of Sardinia produces and which wineries are important, you can read in the article about wines in Sardiniaa>.

There are many opportunities for excursions or day tours from Alghero or Capo Caccia. Stintino and the island of Asinara are an outstanding destination for fans of beaches, swimming or boats. Wild nature and a piece of mining history can be found in Argentiera , which is also worth a visit. Bosa is also nearby and it is a small town with a loveable atmosphere and mountains all around. The mountain range of Monte Ferru is easily accessible by car and also invites to a day trip.

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Places nearby

Near Alghero you will find a lot of awesome places or holiday destinations on Sardinia like Stintino with the stunning beacheas of the Asinara Island and the town Porto Torres. Another lovely town and area is Bosa and Cuglieri as well as Santu Lussurgiu or Castelsardo.