Arbatax and Tortoli


The region around Arbatax and Tortoli is versatile. High and steep mountains are very close to the blue sea in and around Arbatax and Tortoli. Rocky beaches or sandy beaches are available in large numbers and you have the choice between lively villages or remote country romance. A holiday in Tortoli, Arbatax, Baunei or Lanusei is incomparably beautiful.

The Ogliastra with Baunei, Tortoli, Arbatax, Lanusei, Bari Sardo, Santa Maria Navarrese, Cardedu, Jerzu, Gairo and many other places offers spectacular nature experiences. Hiking, climbing or mountain biking or just a walk - there are many possibilities for sports or activities like water sports or mountain sports. Beach life and boat trips are also very important and pleasant leisure activities in this area. If you like culture and history you'll be happy with excavation sites or archaeological sites nearby.

The capital Cagliari can be reached by car in about 1.5 to 2 hours. A solid selection of entertainment in the form of bars, restaurants, harbor and much more is also given. Of course, the good cuisine of the island is also present in this region. You'll spend a wonderful holiday around here thanks to the awesome variety of possibilites.


Arbatax and Surroundings

Arbatax and Tortoli

Arbatax and Tortoli are next to each other and the area is great for a holiday in Sardinia. Supermarkets, restaurants, ice cream parlors, bike rentals, bars, local delicacies and other produce, a weekly market in Tortoli make the two towns attractive and they are both very lively. Of course there are numerous beaches all around. Starting from the harbor in Arbatax you can enjoy tours by boat or you can rent a boat. The inhabitants of Tortoli and Arbatax are used to guests or tourists, so language barriers won't be too much of a problem around here.

The Red Rocks of Arbatax

The landmark of Arbatax are the red prophyric rocks of volcanic origin. They can be found right next to the harbor in Arbatax. From here you can also enjoy magnificent views over the sea and to the peaks of the Gennargentu Mountains.

Whats on in Tortoli and Arbatax?

Arbatax and Tortoli are busy, yet relaxed smaller cities or towns. The nuraghe di S'Ortali offers a journey through time. The same holds true for several typical archaeological finds of the island: Nuraghe, Domus de Janas (fairy tomb) and a giant tomb can be found around Tortoli and Arbatax as well. If you want to understand, what a nuraghe or a fairy tomb is, read the article about historic sites or archaeological sites in Sardinia. The baroque church of Sant Andrea is worth seeing, as well as the tower and beach of San Gemiliano. You should not miss the Cala Moresca - one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. From here there are also ferry services to Genoa, Olbia in northern Sardinia or the capital of Sardinia: Cagliari.

Places of interest and the region around Arbatax

The coastal strip with the places Lanusei, Baunei, Tortoli, Arbatax, Cardedu, Bari Sardo or also Santa Maria Navarrese is characterized by the mountains of the Gennargentu. The region is called Ogliastra and is without question one of the most beautiful in Sardinia.

The Gennargentu massif is the largest and highest mountain range in Sardinia. It lies directly behind the offshore coastline and allows heavy mountain hiking or climbing tours as well as sleek curves for motorcyclists also beautiful trails for easy hikes. More about mountain ranges in Sardinia.

Beaches are practically all round the area. Rocky beaches or sandy beaches - you can choose whatever you like. Whether Santa Maria Navarrese, Bari Sardo or Cardedu. No matter if you like beaches, boats, diving or any other sort of water sports and relaxing along wonderful beaches: This is a great place for you.

Incidentally, Bari Sardo is a beautiful little town that also boasts a very original character. In the village of Cardedu you will find peace, beautiful beaches and also extensive opportunities for walks in the foothills of the mighty Gennargentu.

The Nuragic complex Nuraghico di Serbissi is a prime example of Nuraghi culture and should not be missed in the holiday program. In the city park of Santa Maria Navarrese close to the church Santa Maria di Navarra you can see the remains of an ancient mediterranean forest - for example an olive tree that is 10 meters / 393 inches high.

Trips to more distant places such as in the capital Cagliari are also not a problem. About 1.5 hours driving time by car and you will be in the beautiful capital of Sardinia and the city is worth an excursion. More about Cagliari.

By the way, a lot of wine is growing in the area. But it is not only wine that is being produced around here. In spring it is a real Eden with fresh citrus fruits and many agricultural products that you can buy directly from Farmers or on the weekly market.

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Places nearby

Near Arbatax, Tortoli and Santa Maria Navarrese you will find another beautiful town - Dorgali: Dorgali. Don't miss to go to Cala Gonone for its spectacular riffs, caves and beaches. There are boats leaving from Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Gonone. The capital of Sardinia is not too far away: Cagliari.