The town of Arzachena is a nice place to go during a holiday in northern Sardinia. Not far from coastal towns such as Palau, Porto Cervo, La Maddalena and Golfo Aranci or Olbia, it is easily accessible. Amidst the rocky landscape with hills and views of rugged peaks, the place has retained a magnificent atmosphere. Arzachena is authentically Sardinian and presents itself above all with a pretty and small city center. The main street is lined with small shops. Here you can buy locally and regionally. On the beautiful and shady village square you can enjoy life - in the restaurant, at a café or in an ice cream parlour. Don't expect to see many places of interst around here. Arzachena is more about daily life and it is the right place if you like to enjoy the atmosphere of a mediterranean village.



The village Arzachena

The charming Arzachena is nestled between mountain ranges in beautiful green hills. You can go for a stroll along the main street in the old town, Arzachena is not very touristy. The products you will find in this village go far beyond souvenirs and cheap chinaware. The central village square is a place where can just relax. A café, an ice cream, a lavish lunch or dinner or a few dolci (sweet pastries) for the afternoon - this can be enjoyed in a wonderful atmosphere.

The church at the top of the small shopping street or main street is the village church of Santa Maria della Neve. A rock shaped like a mushroom (hence also called "Il Fungho") crowns the place. There are no other significant places of interest in Arzachena. But alone the drive through the landscape of Gallura to Arzachena is worth a tour.

Near Arzachena

Like in every part of Sardinia you will find historic places around Arzachena - for example the the giant tombs Lu Coddhu, Ecchju and Li Loghi, the nuraghi Albucciu or the temple Malchittu. The temple Malchittu is being found in the granite mountains of Sardinia and Arzachena and it is one of the best preserved ancient temples in Saridnia. You can reach it within about 30 minutes (by foot). Tours are being offered, the place opens at 9.00 am and closes one hour before the sun goeas down. Around Arzachena there are also beautiful hiking trails.

Arzachena is located in the middle of northeastern Sardinia. All around the town you will find coastal towns like Santa Teresa di Gallura, Golfo Aranci, Olbia and many more.

Arzachena is located in the middle of the granite mountains of the district of Gallura in the north of Sardinia:

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Sardinia is a place for real explorers. Go ahead and try the wonderul wines of Sardinia or gastronomic specialties. The beaches of Sardinia are the most beautiful beaches around Europe. Many places of interest are to be found in Cagliari, but there are many more places of interest in Sardinia.

Places nearby

Around Arzachena you will find many interesting and wonderful places - for example Palau: Palau and Porto Cervo as well as Santa Teresa Gallura or Golfo Aranci. Also Olbia is not far away from Azachena: Olbia.