Bosa, Cuglieri and Surroundings


This stretch of coastline - from Bosa to Torre del Pozzo - offers endless possibilities for a short or longer holiday. The villages are charming with many options like beaches, cafés, restaurants, hiking, historic sites and more. The region is strongly influenced by the mountain range of Monti Ferru. The mountain villages along the slopes are enchanting and take you to another world. Of course, all sorts of water sports are also important activities in this region.

Bosa, Cuglieri and its surroundings are lush, fertile and in many parts little touristy. Beaches? Sure - you can spend a holiday here on the beach, if you want. Overall, this region is more suitable for people who like wild coastal areas, seek nature experiences and want to do various things during their stay.

In the localities, the originality of Sardinia waits here, away from larger tourist crowds. Only in Bosa is it a bit more touristy and busy and it is definitiely worth a visit.


Bosa und Cuglieri


Bosa is one of the most beautiful places on the island. And the city of Bosa really is exceptional: With a pretty town center, small shops where you can buy regional or local products or where ice cream parlors and restaurants invite you to linger. Also in the side streets are restaurants, wine shops and more ... you can discover a lot here. Bosa is situated along the Temo River and right on the coast is Bosa Marina with its harbor, bars, cafes, restaurants and an extensive sandy beach. Trenino Verde - a train to discover the island - travels from here to Macomer along various beaches and other great landscape pictures. This is how entertainment and relaxation come together on the beach.

The Castello in Bosa (Malaspina Castle or Malaspina Fortress) is an essential part of visiting the town of Bosa. Dating back to the 12th century, it overlooks the city and offers fantastic views of the estuary of the Temo, where Bosa is located.

The church of Cattedrale dell'Immacolata dates back to the 16th century and was restored in the 19th century. It is worth seeing and unites several epochs of art history under one roof. The Museum Casa Deriu can be found along the main street through the city center, showing a stately nineteenth-century apartment, special exhibitions of customs in Bosa and the artistic work of Melkiorre Melis - a painter from Bosa. Directly opposite is the permanent exhibition "Pinacoteca Atza", dedicated to Antonio Atza's work.


Cuglieri is fantastically beautiful. Nestled on the slopes of Monte Ferru ... there is hardly a situation more picturesque than this. The old town streets wind their way up the hill until you arrive at the top of the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Neve. The cathedral dates back to the 15th century and is well worth a visit. From there you will also a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape - especially down towards the coast.

The town of Cuglieri itself has largely been spared by tourism. It is a place where you can buy exquisite olive oil and other delicacies of Sardinia, direct sales shops offer their products here along the main road that you can not miss. Behind Cuglieri there are picturesque paths that invite you for a walk or are the starting point for hikes in the area of Monte Ferru (also: Montiferru).

Santa Caterina di Pittinuri, S’Archittu, Strände, Monte Ferru, Seneghe, Santu Lussurgiu

Santa Caterina di Pittinuri and S’Archittu

The two villages Santa Caterina di Pittinuri and S’Archittu are located directly on the coast and are quite strongly influenced by tourism. Between steep cliffs both villages have smaller beaches. When the mistral blows, the waves sometimes billow up, which is especially the case in winter and spring. For extensive sandy beaches you have to take a few kilometers from here. Behind the villages there are hiking trails in the area of the Monteferru, which are worthwhile. Restaurants are available in sufficient numbers. In the hinterland are archaeological excavations such as Cornus - a former Punic-Roman city, which existed about 600 BC to 250 AD.

Beaches, Monte Ferru, Seneghe, Santu Lussurgiu

The mountains of Monte Ferru or Montiferru lie directly behind the coast. Here you can realize easier hikes as well as extended tours. A trip to the waterfalls Sos Molinos are just one option. You can read more about this in the article about mountain ranges on Sardinia. If you follow the signs for Santu Lussurgiu from Cuglieri, you will find yourself on a road that offers beautiful views of the area of Monte Ferru.

There are also many beaches in the area. The beach of Bosa Marina, Santa Caterina di Pittinuri and S'Archittu is just some of them. A very large and extensive sandy beach can be found in the beach Is Arenas. Punta Foghe and Porto Alabe are other names of local beaches on the list. Nevertheless, if you are seeking a pure beach holiday, you may not find this region too attractive.

Also worth seeing are Seneghe and Santu Lussurgiu. Seneghe is known for olive oils, honey and other local products. There are also numerous nuraghi and other archaeological sites that can be explored as a hike or as part of a walk around the village. At the end of November there is the event "Pane e Olio", where the oil mills will open their doors, grilling on the village square and offering other local delicacies.

Santu Lussurgiu is also a mountain village. It is known for nuraghi, giants' tombs and cave tombs (Domus de Janas) as well as for the Siete Fuentes in San Leonardo (Seven springs with drinking water) or the horse show in early June. A little further inland, there are the sites of Santa Cristina and the nuraghe of Losa.

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