The town of Budoni in Sardinia is located in the northeast of the island and belongs to the province of Olbia-Tempio. It is easy to reach Budoni via the port or airport in Olbia. From there you will reach Budoni in about half an hour by car. Budoni and the surrounding communities are ideal places for a beach holiday. Also for a family vacation, the area is ideal. The shallow water and extensive beaches are unbelievably beautiful. Offshore pine groves complete the picture. There are several communities that belong to Budoni (Italian: Borgo) - amongst them are Tanaunella, Baia Sant'Anna and Porto Ottiolu. In Porto Ottiolu you'll find a beautiful harbor that belongs to Budoni as well. The back country is hilly, but not too rugged. Walks and easy hikes are therefor an option in and around Budoni. If you like to see more than just one place: There are numerous opportunies for excursions or day tours or excursions.


Budoni, Posada, Porto Ottiolu, Tanaunella, Baia Sant'Anna and more


Budoni and the main road that leads through Budoni (you can not miss it when you follow the signs from the airport in Olbia) were built after World War II. Therefore you won't find a historic town center so far. But a very busy main street with everything you would expect from a typical resort with extensive beaches all around: Restaurants, bars, cafes, shops with beach equipment and other shops. Also supermarkets and a petrol station are available. If you follow the street signs to Baia di Budoni (Bay of Budoni), you'll end up on the beach with a small salt lake upstream, where you can sometimes also find Flamingos. Some people claim, that pink-feathered animals exist only in the stagno of San Teodoro north of Budoni. But these specimens prove that this is not exactly true.

The sandy beach of Budoni is extensive - it expands over two kilometers / 1.2 miles and it lies behind a small strip of pine trees. There are also restaurants, so that you are well taken care of. Beach holiday or family holiday - in Budoni both are possible. There is also a dog beach in Budoni.

If you are looking for a change from the beach life in Budoni, you will find it. The Nuraghe Conco e Bentu also belongs to the area of Budoni and can be visited. Around Budoni and in the surrounding communities you can also go for hikes, which are usually very moderate - there are no steep mountains in Budoni. Urban life in Olbia offers a lot of variety with a large pedestrian area. The mountains of Supramonte and Gennargentu as well as the beautiful Capo Comino and Orosei are great destinations from Budoni.

Porto Ottiolu

Porto Ottiolu is a community that belongs to Budoni and is beautifully situated along a hill. Here you will find only a few inhabitants who are there throughout the whole year - it is largely a holiday resort. The harbor of Porto Ottiolu is absolutely beautiful and during the season the moorings at the pier are fully booked. In Porto Ottiolu there is everything you need in terms of daily supplies - supermarket, pharmacy, restaurants, bars, cafes and the like. A boat tour along the coast of Sardinia is actually something that you should do anyway.

Tanaunella and Baia Sant'Anna

Tanaunella and Baia Sant'Anna are also part of Budoni. Both villages are also typical holiday resorts, which are only inhabited during the season. Holiday homes and apartments characterize the picture. Both villages have their own beach and are located right on the sea.


The town of Posada looks promising from a distance. On a stony hill you expect a spectacular old town. But: There is nothing like it. In fact, the most central parts of Posada are found around the small rocky mountain that you can see from afar. Posada has beautiful beaches all around.

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There are many places around Budoni being worthwhile: La Caletta and Santa Lucia as well as the beautiful Capo Comino are located south of Budoni. In the north of Budoni you may find San Teodoro or Olbia interesing.