Buggerru, Masua, Nebida and Porto Flavia


Buggerru, Nebida, Masua and Porto Flavia show Sardinia from a wild side: In front of the rugged cliffs and steep slopes of the Iglesiente, these coastal towns are in an extraordinary position in south-western Sardinia. The rocky coast here offers crystal clear beaches and bays - extensive sandy beaches can be found in the immediate vicinity as well. In the villages of Fontanamare, Portixeddu and Piscinas, next to the rocky main area of Buggerru / Nebida and Masua, the landscape changes again and becomes flatter. Around Buggerru, Nebida, Masua and Porto Flavio climbers and outdoor enthusiasts will find a perfect holiday spot. The upstream Pan di Zucchero (sugarloaf) is a spectacular climbing area above the sea. The wind whips the waves here, especially in spring and winter, often with high waves towards the coast. Boat tours are possible, but in bad weather they are life-threatening. There are many hiking tours and caves in the region - some of them quite steep and impassable. The coastal road allows fantastic views of the whole scenery. The journey via the airport or port of Cagliari takes about an hour by car. From Olbia you have to drive about 3.5 hours.


Nebida and Fontanamare


In the southwest of Sardinia is Nebida. The former mining village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the former mine in Nebida only a few remnants can be seen - such as the former washing facilities. Of the approximately 2,000 people in 1910, since abandoning the mine in the 1970s, the population has shrunk to about 100. The old washing facility is fenced and vulnerable to collapse.

Nebida is best known for its spectacular location overlooking the Pan di Zucchero - a huge rock formation - and the Gulf of Gonnesa. A viewing platform (Belvedere di Nebida) gives way to views to the Island Isola di San Pietro. Next to the Pan di Zucchero, more prominent rocks rise out of the water and line up along this stretch of coast from Fontanamare to Masua. Various coastal walks lead along the coast as well.

A beach in Nebida can be found in the Spiaggia di Portu Banda, otherwise the large beach of Fontanamare is well suited for sunbathers.

Pan di Zucchero

The strikingly outstanding rock in the picture above is the Pan di Zucchero. It is 133 meters / 5,200 inches high and towers above the sea at a dizzying height. The Pan Zucchero is also a climbing area. The limestone cliffs in the water does not offer any beaches.


If you drive from Cagliari via Iglesias in the direction of Buggerru, Nebida and Masua, you pass the small town of Fontantamare. Here you will find a large sandy beach, which is not so heavily frequented due to the location a bit off touristic areas. A stop is worth it, because the view from Fontanamare over to Nebida shows the location or situation of Nebida.

Out of season, the weather here can be very changeable. But the fishermen are always on the beach at Fontanamare. The lighting moods are exciting in any weather. Even if that's not the typical holiday photo - I take almost all pictures on this website myself and this one is one of my favorites. It was picked up in April, with unusually bad weather for this month. Out of season hardly anyone gets lost here - even when the sun is shining. The bar on the beach of Fontanamare then also remains closed. In summer you can treat yourself to a refreshment, a coffee or a snack at any time. The prices in the bars in Sardinia are generally very moderate.

Masua and Porto Flavia

Also in Masua and Porto Flavia you can see the remnants of mining and the coastal walks lead past here as well. The former mine and the two tunnels on top of each other and the port of Porto Flavia were masterpieces of architecture - the minerals and rocks mined were hand-transported until they were shipped. The mining village of Masua was distributed over the very steep slope. Remains of this former mining culture can still be seen today, for example in the museum of mining machines. Porto Flavia also has its own beach. Incidentally, Masua and Porto Flavia are now only inhabited in the summer.

In Masua or Porto Flavia you can go swimming, snorkeling and diving and rent a boat or canoe and of course you can go hiking or climbing. With a boat, you can explore the caves of the steep cliffs. Boats are leaving from the beach Spiaggia Il Molo.


Buggerru is also very much dominated by the former mining industry. Around 1870, the village had its peak, there are still about 1,000 residents left today. The Galleria Henry (tunnel) was formerly used to transport rocks and minerals with a steam locomotive. The beautiful sandy beach of Buggerru lies between steep cliffs and is actually a bombastic place. Nevertheless, not many visitors make their way to Buggerru. The same goes for Portixeddu (see picture below), which has a bombastic beach. The villages are simply too far away from heavily visited touristic areas on Sardinia.


If you are looking for peace and relaxation, this is the right place for you. Away from the crowds, you will find awesome nature and a wonderful beach around Buggerru and Portixeddu. Beautiful hiking trails can be found right and left of the main road connecting the villages. They are just waiting for you to come here.

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Sardinia is a place for real explorers. Go ahead and try the wonderul wines of Sardinia or gastronomic specialties. The beaches of Sardinia are the most beautiful beaches around Europe. Many places of interest are to be found in Cagliari, but there are many more places of interest in Sardinia. If you are asking yourself how to get to sardinia and where to stay, you'll find articles about camping on Sardinia, holiday homes on Sardinia or ferries to Sardinia and more.

Places nearby

Oristano is not too far from Buggeru, Nebida and Masua: Oristano. Also the capital Cagliari can be reached within one hour of driving by car: Cagliari. You may also want to have a look around Torre dei Corsari. If you like horses, you should also consider to make an excursion to the Giara di Gesturi and the wild horses of Sardinia. Very you will also find spectacularly beautiful mines and dunes of Piscinas and Ingurtosu.