Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone
Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone seems to be from another world. Breathtaking nature awaits you on the east coast of Sardinia in front of the impressive cliffs and peaks of the Supramonte mountain range. A beach holiday, diving holiday, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, climbing, enjoying the excellent cuisine of Sardinia or just relaxing and going on one or the other boat tour: Cala Gonone is an outstanding holiday destination in Sardinia. Experience the cliffs (limestone cliffs up to 400 meters high) below the Monte Iveri, washed out caves and grottoes such as the Grotta del Bue Marino or the cave and the beach Cala Luna. Bright blue and turquoise water dominates the scenery. At sunset you can enjoy your valuable leisure along the seafront of Cala Gonone - right on the water overlooking the blue sea and the boats returning from their tours in the afternoon and evening.

The driving route to Cala Gonone is a spectacular start for your holiday - through a tunnel from the city of Dorgali you get down to the coast. The communication works pretty good Cala Gonone too, the english language is not a real problem around this quite touristic place. Hotels, restaurants, bars and holiday apartments as well as other tourist offers such as boats and diving centers are available in large numbers. All around you will find numerous excursions - whether in the mountains of the Gennargentu Mountains or the breathtaking beaches around San Teodoro, in the enchanting Orosei or in Arbatax and Tortoli. Sardinia presents itself with Cala Gonone from its most beautiful side. The journey from the airport or port in Olbia is about 2 hours, from Cagliari takes about 2.5 hours. The journey is worth your while. Promised.


Cala Gonone, Cala Luna, Cala Fuili, Grotta del Bue Marino und mehr

Cala Gonone

The village Cala Gonone in Sardinia is probably one of the best known places on the island. For a good reason. The location is simply spectacular. Cala Gonone is found along the east coast of the island - in front of the Gennargentu massif or the Supramonte. The mountains of the Supramonte are very steep around here and end up in a huge cliff, which is up to 400 meters high. The limestone itself was formed by water over millions of years. Caves and systems of caves have emerged and they are being found above water as well as underwater.

The color of the sea is deep blue or turquoise, the waters are very clear. Around Cala Gonone are numerous small bays and beaches - cuts in the stunning cliffs of the Gennargenu. A few kilometers away at Orosei and at Arbatax / Tortoli, the landscape becomes a bit flatter and more gentle with extensive sandy beaches, so that there is something for every taste nearby. Cala Gonone itself has only a few hundred inhabitants. There are many hotels, boat rentals, diving schools, restaurants and bars which makes the place lively despite the relatively small population. International guests travel to Cala Gonone, the waterfront is really busy. You will find tours and a lot of other acitivities in Cala Gonone - from the buggy rental to the enjoyment of the Sardinian cuisine.

Above all you should try a boat tour or boat trip starting in Cala Gonone. There are many boats and ships leaving the small harbour for a round tour. They will take you to the most awesome places along the cliffs and beaches or caves. Another option is a boat rental or to charter a boat. An individual boat trip for groups or just one person will be one of the best holiday experiences you have ever had. Furthermore Cala Gonone is a paradise for divers. The water is very clear around here, the caves and cave systems are intenationally known for cave diving. But also wrecks can be found underwater. Cala Gonone is just as suitable for diving beginners as it is for professionals.

Climbers and mountain bikers will also love Cala Gonone. Both in Cala Gonone and along the coast as well as in nearby Dorgali there are great climbing opportunities. You can also just relax in the village, take a stroll, visit the Nuraghe Mannu or visit the aquarium in Cala Gonone. Of course, the place also has its own beach, which is even directly along the busy waterfront promenade. Incidentally, the prices in Cala Gonone are higher than in other places around Sardinia. If you are seeking low budget food and accommodation, just drive a few kilometers into the inland. Around Dorgali you will find several farms that offer accomodation (more about Agroturism).

Around Cala Gonone: Cala Luna, Cala Fuili, Grotta del Bue Marino

Around the town of Cala Gonone you will find many places that you should have seen. Above all, of course, the caves and coves of the coast are of interest.

Cala Fuili

The bay strong>Cala Fuili is very close to Cala Gonone and it can be easily reached on foot. A paved road leads up above the bay, followed by a footpath taht goes down to the bay. If you like to go hiking, the footpath continues and becomes a coastal path that is just right for trekking enthusiasts. The water here is so clear that boats look as if they were floating.

Cala Luna

Cala Luna is another famous spot in Sardinia - one of the most beautiful bays on the island. The bay Cala Luna is of extraordinary beauty, with a white sandy beach, other caves / grottos and crystal clear water. At the Cala Luna there is also a restaurant or a bar, several caves in the rock walls and two climbing areas right on the beach. During the peak season there is a lot going on at the Cala Luna, because the boats from Cala Gonone are stopping here. Cala Luna can not be reached by car. One of the most popular photo opportunities is a picture from the cave around Cala Luna.

You can get to Cala Luna by boat or along a coastal path that starts at Cala Fuili. It is not an easy way, you should be sure-footed and plan for about 2 to 2.5 hours. In general, it usually takes longer, because one or the other photo takes time and you may want to have a break in order to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. The trekking path is wonderful for every season. Thanks to the wind in autumn, winter and spring, the sea route is not safe anyway. It is not recommended to go back this way in the dark, because the risk of injury is high here. A branch on the coastal path of the Supramonte also leads to the Grotta del Bue Marino, which you can visit. A tour through the huge cave takes about half an hour. All of the boat tours from Cala Gonone will bring you to the Grotta del Bue Marino as well.

Cala Sisine

Another beautiful bay along the coast of the Gennargentu or Supramonte is Cala Sisine. A dirt road leads down to this bay, but it is difficult to drive. Cala Sisine is definitely worth a hike. From the parking lot at the end of the street it takes about half an hour to reach the blue water. The path down to the shore is not very tedious and there is also a restaurant here. Cala Sisine is therefore a popular destination and also ships from the area around Tortoli / Arbatax or Santa Maria Navarrese dock here.

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Places nearby

Very close to Cala Gonone you will find another beautiful town - Dorgali: Dorgali as well as the lovely town Orosei and its surrounding beaches. Also Capo Comino with an awesome beach and dunes as well as Arbatax are not far from Cala Gonone.