Capo Comino


Capo Comino is a picture-perfect place: An eucalyptus forest, a relatively large pine forest, large sand dunes in front of the wide beach - perfect for a beach holiday. Along the Cape Capo Comino there is also a bar and a restaurant whose specialty is the preparation of oysters - but they serve also other dishes and snacks. At the very end of the road, you will reach the rocky coast of Capo Comino. You can do beautiful coastal walks or hikes and discover the nature of the area. The town of Capo Comino itself, meanwhile, has not too much to offer: a few houses, bars and supermarkets for basic needs can be found here. Anyone who wants to go shopping or looking for a slightly larger place should to to Siniscola, which is relatively close. The Capo Comino is perfect for a day trip as well as for longer stay. Excursions can be made from here to nearby Orosei, to Santa Lucia, La Caletta or Cala Gonone with its spectacular cliffs.


Holiday in Capo Comino, Sinsicola and more

Capo Comino

The Capo Comino with the beach Spiaggia di Capo Comino is a pearl amongst the beaches in Sardinia. Clear water, fine sand, a few rocks, a shallow standing area and gently sloping entrance make the beach ideal for children as well. The fine and light beach stretches for 4 kilometers / 2.5 miles and offers beautiful blue and turquoise colours. Behind the beach are relatively impressive sand dunes. They are popular for sunbathing off the the warm peak season because there you don't have any wind. You can also explore the dunes to get beautiful views from the top of the sandy hills. The pine forest behind it provides shade and completes the landscape. Capo Comino is ideal for diving, snorkelling, swimming or simply enjoying the good weather of Sardinia. Located along the road to Capo Comino, the seafront restaurant offers exceptional treats such as oysters and more. The bar offers drinks and snacks.

The village and its Surroundings

The very small village does not have any places of interest. You can go for a drink, a coffee or a snack and there is a supermarket as well as a diving scool. Capo Comino is a perfect and quiet beach holiday. If you like to go out and seek a rather busy promenade or something alike, there are better options around Sardinia such as Arbatax/Tortoli or the northern part of Sardinia.

More entertainment can be found in nearby Orosei. In Siniscola - a smaller city nearby, not really touristy - you can buy the daily necessities or let the life of Sardinia pass by for a while. In nearby Santa Lucia there are many restaurants and bars overlooking the sea. Who wants to do archaeological explorations, should go to the area archeologica di Janna 'e Pruna.

If you like to go hiking, the Mount Monte Albo (about 1,000 meters high) is a great choice. In addition, Monte Albo is popular with cyclists and motorcyclists because of the curvy and winding roads.

Hiking and Walking along Capo Comino

If you drive to very end of the paved road at Capo Comino, you'll find a disused lighthouse and paths that invite you to hike along the coast. On weekends there is sometimes a lot going on, because the Capo Comino is also a popular destination for weekend activities. During the week you can take beautiful lonesome walks or coastal hikes on comfortable paths. It is relatively warm here.The trail is located on the windless side of the cape.

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Places nearby

Not far from Capo Comino you will find a lot of opportunities for excursions: Cala Gonone as well as the lovely town Orosei and its surrounding beaches. Also Budoni and San Teodoro with awesome beaches are not far from Capo Comino.