Castelsardo and the surrounding area is a real hightlight in northern Sardinia. Alone the great location off the coast of Sardinia makes Castelsardo worth your while and a visit. The charming old town with narrow streets, the harbor and the surrounding beaches do the rest. From Castelsardo you can see far - on beautiful days all the way to the island of Corsica. Because of its situation in the middle of the northern coast of Sardinia, Castelsardo is also good for exploring the coastline of Sardinia. In all directions there are numerous places that are worth a visit. And of course you will also find wonderful beaches around Castelsardo.


Holiday in Castelsardo, La Ciaccia and Valledoria


At the top of northern Sardinia you will find the small city or town of Castelsardo. Castelsardo is a busy place and the location on a headland alone is spectacular. The harbor, a beautiful city center, restaurants, bars, ice cream shops and numerous shops attract many visitors every year. The historic center of Castelsardo is particularly impressive. It is only accessible by stairs and narrow passageways. Cars have no chance here. Above all of this you'll find the well-preserved 12th-century castle (Castello), which also houses a museum of wickerwork.

Along the old city wall of Castelsardo you can enjoy wonderful views of the sea. On clear days the view extends to the southern tip of Corsica. Worth seeing is also the Cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate, which was mainly built in Gothic style, but later it became subject to frequent modifications. This is how several centuries of art history can be seen here. The cathedral and the castle are in the immediate vicinity of the old town - all this can be explored by doing a walk around the historic center of Castelsardo.

Surroundings: Elephant-Rock, La Ciaccia and Valledoria

The entire environment is worth a visit or stay. Here you will find smaller towns as well as spacious beaches and beautiful nature - for example in Valledoria. Valledoria itself is quite touristy, but above all there are supermarkets and other offers of daily life. Lu Bagnu does not necessarily have to be on the list of important places, La Ciaccia and Valledoria, however, offer themselves for a wonderful beach holiday.

Just outside Castelsardo is the Elephant Rock or Roccia dell Elefante. The oversized boulder looks like a primeval elephant. It was created by strong forces of nature and it has been around for a long time: Even the ancient inhabitants of the island used the rock as a place of worship, as evidenced by Domus de Janas (rock tombs), which were carved into the rock. Read more about the Domus de Janas in the article about historical places in Sardinia.

Not far from Castelsardo and the surrounding area there is another wonderful place: The Valle della Luna (Valley of the moon). The valley got its name from the lunar landscape created by the surrounding boulders. There is a nice viewpoint and you can go hiking and walking. However, parts of the area are marked as private, so that you cannot go whereever you like. Still, there are sufficient opportunities for a walk or hiking.

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Places nearby

Near Castelsardo you will find a lot of awesome places or holiday destinations on Sardinia like Alghero with the stunning Capo Caccia. Another lovely town and area is Stintino and Porto Torres as well as Palau and the islands of La Maddalena.