The town of Dorgali in Sardinia is located on the slopes of the Supramonte mountain range. It belongs to the region of Nuoro and has about 8,100 inhabitants. The journey or approach from the airport or port in Olbia takes about 1.5 hours. You can also arrive via Cagliari - but then you drive about 3 hours by car. Before you arrive in Dorgali the road will take you through an impressive mountain landscape with fertile valleys, plains and steep and rocky peaks. In Dorgali itself, you will find a very lovable town with winding streets in a historic center. Authenticity is probably the right word to describe Dorgali: The heart of the island beats in the mountains around Dorgali. Directly behind the village a large tunnel will take you to the mighty cliffs and awesome beaches of Cala Gonone . Climbing, hiking, beach holidays, relaxation, walks, the great Sardinian cuisine and much more can be enjoyed here.


Holiday in Dorgali and its Surroundings

Historic Center of Dorgali

The old town of Dorgali shows the island of Sardinia from one of its most beautiful sides: Narrow streets run below the rocky slopes through the city. They are lined with bars, cafes, shops of all kinds and ice cream parlors, of course. From handicrafts to clothes you can buy everything here in the center. You may very well find a cool and shady place under one of the awnings. The old houses are stunningly charming and enchanting.

Places of Interest in Dorgali

Another highlight in Dorgali is the Parco Museo S'Abba Frisca - an open-air museum that shows life on Sardinia in the 19th century. The Lago Cedrino (a lake) is next to Dorgali and it is good place for kayaking (there is a rental there). However, access is difficult to find - it is best to ask the villagers who can explain how to get there.

The Archaeological Museum in Dorgali is also worth a visit. Furthermore, the remains of the settlement Serra Orrios from the nuraghe period in Dorgali are of interest. Even more prehistoric finds are to be seen in the giant tomb Tomba Dei Giganti S'Ena E Thomes, which is located just a few minutes from the city center. Wine and wine tasting is available at the Cantina Atha Ruja Poderi, but of course you can also find the Sardinian wine in the shops in center of Dorgali.

About 15 minutes by car from Dorgali is also the cave Grotta di Inspingoli which is one of the largest caves in the world. Only about 15 kilometers of the cave system are explored and visitors are only allowed to visit the first room, which is 50 meters deep, 38 meters high and 2 meters wide. In Dorgali there are also several churches: The Chiesa (Church) of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, the Chiesa di Nostra Signora di Gonare, the Chiesa di Santa Lucia, Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena and Chiesa della Madonna del Carmelo.

Climbing in Dorgali

On the main road that leads to Cala Gonone, there is a climbing tower in the upper part of Dorgali and also climbing routes, which, however, are mainly suitable for experienced climbers. Just follow the road in the direction of Cala Gonone and look out for the climbing path next to the road and the paths behind it - then you get there.

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Places nearby

Very close to Dorgali you will find another the breathtaking coast and Cala Gonone: Cala Gonone as well as the lovely town Orosei and its surrounding beaches. Also Capo Comino with an awesome beach and dunes as well as Arbatax are not far from Dorgali.