Giara di Gesturi


The Giari di Gesturi is a plateau located in the central part of Sardinia in the region of Medio Campidano. The extensive basalt area is actually called "Parco della Giara" and is divided into several municipalities. One of those municipalities is Gesturi. The plateau or high plain can best be reached via Gesturi. Once you are up on the mountain you will find a large parking lot and a kiosk. From there many paths and trails are leading into the large area high above sea level. The Giara di Gesturi is worth a visit. Not only for the wild horses around here, but also for the unique nature on the plateau.

Breathtaking views of the surrounding land, cork oaks in larger numbers, the Mediterranean scrub (plant growth predominantly with shrubs and other flat-growing plants), various animal and plant species and especially the unusual wild horses of the Giara await you on a lofty height. In addition, there are many more things to discover in the area.


Giara di Gesturi: Wild horses in Sardinia

Discover the Giara di Gesturi

Going to the Giara (Plateau) via Gesturi means to drive up a steep road up to a height of 500 meters Es geht von Gesturi steil den Berg hinauf. Bis auf 550 Meter / 19,685 inches. From here you can enjoy beautiful views over the landscape. In spring - up to the end of May - the landscape is ample and lush, many plants are growing, flowers and fiels are gently rolling inbeetween volcanic cone shaped hills. In summer or late summer and autumn the landscape changes a lot. The sun, dry grounds and the remains from harvesting in the area cause very different colours in brown, golden brown as well as all sorts of beige. Every year, because of the heat in the summer and because of the drought, there are large area fires in Sardinia. From time to time the area around the giara di gesturi is also affected.

The basal high surface is almost completely flat at the top. Therefore, the area is also suitable for walkers who like it a bit more comfortable. In addition to the big main roads as in the picture below, there are also narrow and winding paths - especially in the area of other communities.

On 43 square kilometers, there is an impressive cluster of cork oaks. The entire area is covered with it. The beautiful cistus, which is at home in the Mediterranean, can also be found here in large numbers. The landscape is a bit monotonous, but exactly this monotony of Giara the Gesturi is appealing. If you are leaving the main paths, you should leave marks where you have been going. Up here you can easily get lost.

The most famous attraction of the Giara di Gesturi are the wild horses. The Cavallini della Giara are a horse race an they can be found everywhere on the plateau. In small groups they stand between the trees and in the clearings. Do not worry, they are a bit shy and do not get very close, but they are still mostly visible in close proximity. The horses are not the only animals that live here, but they are the most impressive inhabitants of the Giara.

There are also ponds in the landscape. The basalt is relatively impermeable to water. Expecially in winter these water surfaces do appear and they also serve as a resource of drinking water to the animals living here - inclucing the horses. So the ponds make great observation points, you will certainly get to see the horses here. Bring a picinic or something to drink, this is how you best enjoy the great nature of the Giara di Gesturi.

How to get to the Giara di Gesturi

It is best to go via Gesturi. From there you simply follow the streets signs. Its location in the middle of Sardinia makes the Giara a very central spot that can easily be reached from many places around Sardinia.

Surroundings: What else is there?

The landscape around is dominated by the agricultural use, occasionally cone shaped former volcanoes cover the landscape. Their shape is almost geometrical, some stand out from the flat landscape. The fertility of the region also results in a very early colonization. The nuraghe complex Su Nuraxi or Nuraghe di Barumini is nearby and it is one of the largest nuraghi complexes on Sardinia. More about Nuraghi, rock carved tombs and alike.

The location of the Giara di Gesturi is also very close to the wonderful landscapes around Oristano. If you like to find out, what to discover there, read the arcticle about Oristano. But don't plan too much for just one day. Oristano and the Sinis peninsula or ancient Tharros are good enough for a complete day or even more. An interesing place might be the cantina di Mogoro (winery of Mogoro) which is a highlight in the world of wines in Sardinia.


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Places nearby

The capital Cagliari is not too far away from Giara di Gesturi. A landscape of aweseome beauty is being found around Oristano. If you like horses, you should also go to Santu Lussurgiu.