Golfo Aranci


Golfo Aranci is just half an hour's drive from the airport in Olbia, northern Sardinia. Beautiful blue waters, great beaches, ferries to or from Nice, Livorno, Porto Vecchio (Corsica) are also anchoring in Golfo Aranchi. The place with around 2,500 inhabitants is actually more a village than city. Nevertheless, many ferries and the fantastic location on the peninsula of Capo Figari with beautiful trails, cliffs and small bays make the place something very special. The waterfront is lined with modern shops in the form of pavilions. Bars, cafes and restaurants are also available. In Golfo Aranci you can spend a beach vacation, hiking vacation, go diving or exploring the area. Friends of water sports and boat lovers will of course be happy in Golfo Aranci. Traditional Sardinia meets with modern elements in Golfo Aranci and it all sums up to a perfect cominbation.


Golfo Aranci, Naturpark Capo Figari, Strände, Hafen und mehr

Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci on the Capo Figari peninsula can be reached from the airport in Olbia in about half an hour by car. Its location on a peninsula means there are many beaches and coves all around - one more beautiful than the next. The color of the clear water is striking: It shimmers in all variations of blue and turquoise and shines from afar. Also the ferries at the port of Golfo Aranci can be seen from afar. So Golfo Aranci is a perfect place for days on the beach. But also a diving holiday or a hiking holiday, walks, boat tours or the visit of historical places in the area are options if you like spend some time here. Olbia has a beautiful pedestrian area, an intense nightlife and good shopping opportunities. Along the coast near Golfo Aranci you can discover the beaches, cultural monuments, nuraghi and places of the Costa Smeralda.

Golfo Aranci has a great waterfront. The small town center also offers plenty of activities with many restaurants, ice cream parlors, bars and cafés as well as shops. Whether crafts, diving or Sardinian cuisine - in Golfo Aranci there is just about everything that you long for. On a boat trip you may even discover a dolphin, because the popular marine animals live here off the coast of Sardinia.

Around Golfo Aranci: Capo Figari, Beaches and more

Capo Figari

From a distance you can see the location of Golfo Aranci on the peninsula with the Capo Figari and the promising view is being confirmed when you visit the Capo Figari Natural Park: The cape consists of 850 hectares pure natural beauty. The steep cliffs fall into the ocean and the island of Isola di Figarolo is also part of the nature reserve. Paths for walking (it takes about 2 hours on foot to the 342 meter high viewpoint) and mountain bike trails are up. But there are also cozy ways on which a short walk is possible. The park is home to rare animals, especially the mouflon, which has become very rare in Sardinia (Animals and plants in Sardinia). But also cormorants, coral gulls, petrels and other animals live in the protected area of the cape. Small bays such as the Cala la Greca (also: Punta Greca) can be found around the Capo Figari. La Greca is of particular interest, as it overlooks the wreck "Chrissos", which has been rusting off the coast of Sardinia since 1974. Divers and boats like to go to this place.

Nearby: Beaches and more

Around Golfo Aranci you will find numerous beaches and smaller bays. Spiaggia (beach) Bianca, Cala Moresca, Spiaggia di Cala Sabina, Cala Sassari, Cala Sos Aranzos or the beach Spiaggia di Marinella can be found in the immediate vicinity. The beautiful blue and clear water invites you to relax, sunbathe, dive, snorkel or touring by boat. In the picture below you can see the view from Golfo Aranci or Capo Figari to La Marinella and the Costa Smeralda beyond.

Sardinias coast is very inviting for excursions. For example, to Pittulongu and to the sacred well Sa Testa, which is dated to about the second millennium BC. In Olbia you can go shopping or go out and watch the colorful city life. Also the coastline Costa Smeralda with fashionable coastal towns like Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo is not far away. Santa Teresa di Gallura with the Capo Testa is also worth a visit. There is also the nuraghe complex Lu Brandali, which also shows the far-reaching history of Sardinia well. Furthermore, the town of Palau waits here with a crossing to the La Maddalena Archipelago.

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Not far from Golfo Aranci you will find a lot of opportunities for excursions and fantastic holiday destinations: Santa Teresa di Gallura, Palau, La Maddalena and Olbia as well as Arzachena are within a driving distance of about 45 minutes.