Oristano, Sinis Peninsula, ancient Tharros and Cabras


The area around the Gulf of Oristano is perfect for a holiday. The Sinis Peninsula, Cabras and Putzu Idu as well as the mountains of Monti Ferru in the inland and Oristano itself are definitely worth your while. Oristano scores with beautiful beaches, vast mountain ranges, a little bit of nightlife, good shopping opportunities, a very interesting history and much more.

First of all: The west side of the island is blessed with a bit more rain than the east side. Here, through the wind named Mistral, the clouds of France are blowing in and these rains are coming off when they hit the land mass. Do not worry - it does not matter in summer. In winter and spring you may experience a few rainy days, while the eastern side of Sardinia is sunny. But that usually does not bother much, because in winter and spring you will not come for a beach holiday anyway. The coastline is very green thanks to the rain.

The beaches in this region are attractive: From shallow and bright blue water to rugged cliffs there is a great of variety to be found around here. The result is a mixture of wild nature and beaches.


Oristano and the Sinis Peninsula


Oristano is a small town or smaller city. Nevertheless, it is an important conurbation in the region, with extensive commercial areas that are quite beneficial ... here you can buy everything you may need, without having to drive too far. Several large supermarket chains can be found along the road between Oristano and Santa Giusta. In the center of Oristano there are mainly smaller shops that sell a lot of regional and local products.

There is not too much tourism in Oristano. The city is certainly worth a visit, from a tourist point of view, but you can call rather as "unexciting". If you are seeking to see impressive baroque buildings or castles and alike, Oristano is not the right place for you. But Oristano has quite a charm, because around here, you will find the real Sardinia. If you simply follow the signs to the center and / or Duomo, you can not miss the city center. There you will find nice backyards, bakerys and alike, fountains, gardens, lovely shops and similar things.

However, the city of Oristano still has some attractions to offer: The historic center or the old town with its small shops is worth a visit. The churches Chiesa di Santa Chiara and Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta are also some of the attractions in Oristano. Remains of the medieval fortifications can be found in the Mura medievali (a defense tower). Furthermore you will find the Antiquarium Arborense Museum in a 19th century palazzo. The museum displays important archaeological pieces and anyone visiting Tharros on the Sinis peninsula should also take a look at this museum. The Church of Santa Guista is located in the suburb of Santa Guista. This suburb passes seamlessly into the city of Oristano. For children there is the theme park Parco Paleontologico Dinosardo, dedicated to the dinosaurs. Around Oristano you can go swimming, surfing (windsurfing, kiting, surfing), scuba diving, horseback riding, hiking, walking or just spending a nice day by the sea.

Sinis Peninsula, San Giovanni di Sinis and Is Arutas

The Sinis Peninsula is one of the destinations in the region that should not be missed. San Giovanni di Sinis, Funtana Meiga and other villages on the peninsula are mainly inhabited during the holidays. Whole settlements with holiday homes can be found here. No question - the houses are beautiful and usually close to the beach. If you are looking for a quiet holiday, these villages are a good choice. If you like something more lively, Putzu Idu or Oristano will meet your needs.

A magnet for tourists from all over the world is the ancient city of Tharros and Capo San Marco for a good reason. Phoenicians and Romans have left their mark here - in a magnificent setting surrounded by waves and beaches. Tharros is fertile and lush, it is definitely worth a visit. More information about Tharros and the Capo San Marco or pictures can be found in the article about Historic places in Sardinia.

Highlights of the region are the beaches Is Arutas and the much smaller beach Mari Ermi. Actually, these beaches merge into each other anyway. Beach walks or walks through the flat landscape behind these beaches are possible at any time - the area is large. In spring one is often alone here and even in summer there is still a quiet place. The geology of the island brings out a peculiarity here: quartz. The magnificent color of the water and the beach is characterized by very small quartz pebbles, which are about as big as a grain of rice. Those mini-stones shine in the most beautiful colors, a sight you should not miss. From afar it all looks almost white. The quince of the famous rice grain beach itself should under no circumstances be taken with you, no matter how beautiful it is. If you like to know more you'll find some general information in the article about beaches of Sardinia.

The water around here is sometimes very quiet and sometimes choppy. While in Putzu Idu threatening cliffs are to be found and the swell can be described as "extreme", it is here a little quieter. This is why many Kite Surfers who are not that well trained, prefer spots like Is Arutas. However, the wind is often very strong - especially in spring, wind forces up to 9 are not unusual, but the swell is limited compared to Putzu Idu. In contrast to Putzu Idu, there is no town, which is located near the beach. The area is used for agriculture, the large fields are growing areas for artichokes and other delicacies of Sardinia.

Umgebung von Oristano: Cabras, Putzu Idu und das Capo Mannu

Cabras und das Stagno di Cabras

Cabras is not very touristy and has no beaches to offer. However, as the beaches of the region are easily accessible from here, Cabras is a good choice for accommodation, which usually costs less than directly by the sea. The village itself is made up of winding streets - it's hard to find your way out again. Small and local shops and some restaurants offer the regions fresh products. At the gates of the village there is the big "Stagno di Cabras". The Lagoon Lake is a nature reserve, where many species of birds (150 species) and other animals feel at home. The water has a low salt content and the fish feel well here. That's why you can eat in Cabras exceptionally good fish.

The Stagno di Cabras can be circled by bike - the dimensions are not to be underestimated. One can also go for a walk or a hike around the Stagno. The entrances are easily recognizable from the road leading past. Beware: In addition to fish and birds, the mosquitoes also feel at home here. Without using mosquito repellent, a visit to Stagnos is not recommended.

Riola Sardo

The town of Riola Sardo is often being ignored by tourists. If you are planning a holiday with larger excursions to the north - for example to Bosa - or to the south, then you are in the right place in Riola. An excellent connection in all directions, whether to the highway to the north or to the south or whether in the capital Cagliari or Oristano. Riola Sardo is not a touristy place, so there are no resorts here. But you can rent houses and apartments and enjoy the fact that Riola Sardo offers great opportunities. Small vegetable shops, the more rural butchers, a cozy fish shop, a great pasticceria and also several supermarkets and restaurants - this is one of the pleasant sides of life in Riola Sardo.

Monte Ferru and Monte Arci

Within easy reach you will find the mountain ranges Monte Ferru and Monte Arci. These are extensive mountain ranges where you can do just the right tour. A detailed description can bei found in the article about mountain ranges in Sardinia.

Putzu Idu and Capo Mannu

Putzu Idu, Mandriola, Sa Rocca Tunda, S'arena Scoada and Su Pallosu make up a small mini-area set in a flat, outlying landscape along the area's most beautiful beaches. All the beaches here have one thing in common: the waves and sights keep changing from day to day. When the Mistral from France blows vigorously from the west, the waves become very high. On other days - when it's windless - the water is calm and crystal clear, like a children's pool in the pool.

Putzu Idu is a famous surf spot. Windsurfers, surfers or kiters - they are all here. Especially in spring, the wind is moderate to strong. Here you will find different spots - for beginners as well as for professionals. If you do not want to surf or kite yourself, you can watch the surfers; the pros in the high waves are really interesting to look at. Putzu Idu and the surrounding villages are small, there are no larger shops or anything alike. During the season, a café and a restaurant, a supermarket and some small facilites are open for visitors.

In Su Pallosu there is a cat colony, which can also be visited. The cat colony is not a shelter. Rather, it is a family that continues the tradition of the fishing village: The cats were brought to keep mice and other animals away. Already from a distance a sign warns, please drive slowly, because cats are not that easy to confine to the terrain. Usually they are actually in the house and garden. The place is next to a beach and the beach is part of the ground of the cat colony Su Pallosu. They are happy about donations or the purchase of a souvenir. The family also speaks some English.

The Capo Mannu also invites you to beautiful walks. You can go all the way to the top of the cliff, and from the end of March the area along the cape is also a place for sunbathing. This usually requires finding a windless corner - but that's not a problem. From above the view sweeps quite far - especially the inland and the mountain range of Monte Ferru is clearly visible. If you want to take a trip to the mountains, you may want to learn more about the mountain ranges of Sardinia.

Oristano and the surroundings are beautiful. The Sinis peninsula with the tower and the excavations of the ancient city of Tharros or flamingos in the lakes of the area around Oristano are fascinatin spots. Awesome beaches and other sights are guaranteed here.

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For your journey

Sardinia is a place for real explorers. Go ahead and try the wonderul wines of Sardinia or gastronomic specialties. The beaches of Sardinia are the most beautiful beaches around Europe. Many places of interest are to be found in Cagliari, but there are many more places of interest in Sardinia.

Places nearby

Bosa and Cuglieri are both lovely places and they are both not far from Oristano: Bosa and Cuglieri. Also the capital Cagliari can be reached within one hour of driving by car: Cagliari. You may also want to have a look around Torre dei Corsari. If you like horses, you should also consider to make an excursion to the Giara di Gesturi and the wild horses of Sardinia. Another spectacular spot is Piscinas and Ingurtosu.