The village Orosei with about 5000 inhabitants is located on the west coast of Sardinia - in front of the Gennargentu massif. The famous resort of Cala Gonone is not far away - a day trip is worth it if you stay in Orosei. The town or village is simply magnificent: Narrow and winding streets in the old town, which converge to a village square. There you will find everything your heart desires: Restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors, shops and numerous historic buildings. The well-kept village square Piazza del Popolo is just too georgous, with a small garden and palm trees. Orosei lies in the estuary of the river Cedrino on a flat plain. Its medieval origins and its former importance on the banks of the river Cedrino as a port reflect themselves in the historic center of Orosei. It is easy to get to Orosei - best via Olbia airport. The journey from Olbia airport takes around 1.5 hours. From Cagliari airport it is then about 2.5 hours driving time. But: No matter where you come from - the ride is worth it. You can spend a wonderful beach holiday or diving holiday here. Around Orosei you will find a lot of beaches . Also for climbers and hikers the area around Orosei has a lot to offer.


Holiday in Orosei, Cala Liberotto, Osalla and more

The historic center of Orosei

Eating out or shopping - in Orosei you are just right for a stroll. The villages main square in the historic center is wonderful place. You can not miss the Piazza del Popolo if you just drive in the direction of the center or the old town. Here, on the square and along the main street and in the side streets, you will find everything your heart desires: ice cream parlors, restaurants, small shops selling regional products, cafes and, above all, an enchanting environment. It feels right at home in Orosei - it is probably one of the prettiest places in Sardinia. The beautiful baroque church of San Giacomo Maggiore, built in 1794, is located in Piazza del Popolo. Next to it is the chapel of Santa Croce from the 18th century.

If you visit Orosei, you should also take yourself some time to have a look around the beautiful side streets, which are wonderfully shady and spread a unique atmosphere.

In Orosei there are many historic buildings - including the Chiesa delle Anime church in the center of Orosei, the Baroque Oratory of the Rosario, the chapel Sas Animas from the 18th century, the medieval castle of Sa Preione Vezza in the Piazzale delle Anime (which served as a prison for a long time) or the sanctuary of the Madonna del Rimedio. From the central village square it is only a few steps to the church Chiesa delle Anime. Inside there is a wooden altar from the 17th century and frescoes from the 15th century.

The Guiso Museum houses the private collection of Don Giovanni Guiso, with puppet theaters from the 18th to the 21st century, paintings, costumes, clothes and other exhibits.

On the last Sunday of May, there is a feast in honor of Santa Maria del Mare. A procession carries the figure of the church Sant'Antonio Abate to the river. The figure is then being shipped to the other side of the river - accompanied by boats with flower arrangements.

Around Orosei: Cala Liberotto, Osalla and more

The center of Orosei is not directly on the sea. But within minutes you can reach the beautiful beaches in the area. Nearby - just outside Orosei - lies the extensive sandy beach Osalla. Next to the canal there is a harbor. There you'll find another popular surfing spot. Divers will find a sunken british warship and more diving areas nearby.

If you turn left - up the hill - at the end of Osalla beach, you will end up at the Nuraghe Osalla. There is not much left of the Nuraghe itself. But: Up here the nature gives way to spectacular views overlooking the sea, the intense blue of the beaches and the coastal line. Besides, a garden-like environment is awaiting you. Holm oak trees offer wonderful sun-protected places for a rest or a picnic. Smaller side roads with almost no traffic invite for a walk, a hike or a bike tour. In case you like extended hiking tours: The path leads to Dorgali, which is about 20 km / 12.42 miles away. A little hike will lead you to Mount Tuttavista. Mount Tuttavist is about 800 meters / 31.000 inches high and lies just behind Orosei. From up here you will enjoy wonderful views onto the landscape. There is also a road leading to Mount Tuttavista.

If you like to see historic sites, the nuraghi village Sa Linnarta is the right place for you (more about archaeologocial Sites and the history of Sardinia).

Beaches near Orosei

The coast around Orosei is characterized by sandy beaches as well as granite and basalt rocks. Beaches like Sas Linnas Siccas or Bidderosa run very flat. Their low standing height also offer ideal conditions for children. Very close to Orosei you can find Cala Liberotto (picture) and other beaches like the beach of Berchida, Cala Cartoe, Cala Ginepro and more.

Excursions around Orosei

In the area there are many destinations that are worth a visit. Climbers and lovers of beautiful villages will be happy in and around the village Dorgali. The impressive slopes of the Gennargentu Mountains offer many outdoor opportunities. The nearby Cala Gonone with breathtaking beaches, cliffs and numerous caves offers an outstanding landscape and is also determined by the Gennargentu Mountains. If you go there do not miss to make a boat tour, that will take you to the most awesome spots along the coast.

The nature reserve Biderosa is part of the Orosei area as well. Valley, hills, paths and trails as well as 5 natural beaches can be found here. The number of visitors per day is limited to 140 cars per day. In other words: The beaches are not overcrowded around here. Pedestrians are not limited, camper vans are not allowed to enter the nature reserve. The reserve opens from may to october. In case you to decide to visit the park, Mountainn Urcatu is one of the places worthwile around here. If you like to go hiking, the Biderosa nature reserve is the right place for you.

Toward the north there are so many beaches and places that you can barely list them. Capo Comino is not far away and nice for walking or hiking and swimming. Santa Lucia, La Caletta and other villages are worth a visit as well.

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Places nearby

Near Orosei you will find another beautiful town - Dorgali: Dorgali. Don't miss to go to Cala Gonone for its spectacular riffs, caves and beaches. Capo Comino and Santa Lucia or La Caletta are the best places for a relaxing day on the waterfront.