Porto Cervo


The north-east of Sardinia is a stunning place for a holiday: Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo and other places stand out with beautiful beaches, charming villages, mountains in the inland, landscapes like a dream world, great sunsets, archaeological sites and much more. A vacation in the region is characterized by versatility and it also benefits from its proximity to the airport or ferry port in Olbia. The area is also great for going out.

Compared to other regions in southern Sardinia, you can clearly see and feel the tourism here in Porto Cervo and the surrounding villages. Hotels, restaurants, apartments and attractive tourist offers are often available in English and other languages. There are no large hotel buildings around here, so that mass tourism is not an issue in Sardinia. Nevertheless, outside the main season, you can still find beaches that are practically empty. During the main season there is much more going on. Restaurants and beaches are lively then, but not overcrowded.

In terms of price, a holiday here around Porto Cervo or Porto Rotondo is not exactly a place for budget holidays or backpacking. Quite luxurious holiday homes dominate the village. The convenience of being close to the airport and the fantastic surroundings make up for the cost of a holiday here anyway with ease.


Porto Cervo and its surroundings

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is famous for the boats and yachts of the super-rich. Whether football stars from Germany or Leonardo di Caprio - celebrities like to go on a holiday in and around Porto Cervo. But still, enjoying the little town with its harbor and many shopping opportunities is something you shouldn't miss. Off season, however, there is not too much going on and the luxury cars disappear with the end of the season.

The church of Santa MarĂ­a di Stella Maris is a highlight and beautiful to look at with its turquoise roof shingles. The church is also very popular for people who want to get married on Sardinia.

Porto Cervos architecture is influenced by spanish architecture. Streets lined with walls made of field stones in bright colors - this is part of the typical cityscape. Porto Rotondo - which is nearby - looks very much alike.

The Marina of Porto Cervo

A view onto port of Porto Cervo shows how beautiful it is here. Around the harbor you will find restaurants, bars and cafes, so that this is a great place in the evening or in the afternoon.

In Porto Cervo there is a large area for families with children: Climbing, swings, slides and the beautiful paths - this is how you will spend a day on the grounds of Gregoland.

Porto Cervo is surrounded by numerous beaches and bays - some are difficult to reach, others are quite close to the road. If you can, take a boat trip from Porto Cervo to discover the beauty of the coast. Inland, on the other hand, there are rocky landscapes, which also invite you on a discovery tour. You can also find quite unusual plants and animals.

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Sardinia is a place for real explorers. Go ahead and try the wonderul wines of Sardinia or gastronomic specialties. The beaches of Sardinia are the most beautiful beaches around Europe. Many places of interest are to be found in Cagliari, but there are many more places of interest in Sardinia.

Places nearby

Around Porto Cervo you will find many interesting and wonderful places - for example Palau: Palau and the islands of La Maddalena as well as Santa Teresa Gallura or Golfo Aranci. Also Olbia is not far away from Porto Cervo: Olbia.