San Teodoro, Tavolara and Cape Coda Cavallo


San Teodoro with several municipalities (Italian: Borgo) can be found in the northeast of Sardinia in the province of Olbia-Tempio. Directly in front of San Teodoro is the island of Isola di Tavolara with the striking mountain of the same name. Also the Capo Coda Cavallo (Capo = Cape) with the Cala Brandinci and the beach Lu Impostu is located in direct proximity of San Teodoro. Shallow beaches, beautiful scenery and various acitvities as well as the proximity to Olbia with its airport and port make San Teodoro a very attractive holiday destination. It is less than an hour's drive from the airport to the caribbean-like blue coast of Sardinia.


San Teodoro, Beaches La Cinta and Isuledda

San Teodoro

San Teodoro is a typical mediterranean holiday town. It grew in postwar times, since the 50s and 60s and also in the 70s. A real old town in the usual sense does not exist - but there is a small town center. Big hotel complexes have no chance here. The area is characterized by holiday houses and apartments. Camping is also popular in Sardinia and can be found in the area around San Teodoro.

During peak season, San Teodoro is a bustling place - with ice cream parlors, restaurants, bars and cafes. Off season much less is going on. Getting around by speaking english is not a problem in San Teodoro. People working in tourism do speak enough to be able to communicate.

Numerous leisure activities such as horse riding, cycling, swimming, sailing, diving and snorkelling, as well as walks or hikes are some of the leisure activities in San Teodoro.

Of course you can also enjoy the tasteful dishes and wines of Sardinia around here. More about the Sardinian cuisine.

Hiking trails can be found on the coast and in the Monti Nieddu. At the sports airport in Nuragheddu you can book a flight over the region. In the inland there is also the Cascata Rio Pitrisconi waterfall, which does not carry any water during the summer (June, July, August, September). The Stagno di San Teodoro (a pool of water off the beaches of San Teodoro) is home to the popular flamingos and many other species.

Beaches in San Teodoro: Isuledda and La Cinta

The beaches of Sardinia spread out along the coast around San Teodoro. The beach La Cinta is right in front of San Teodoro and you simply cannot miss it. Fantastically beautiful is also the Spiaggia Isuledda (picture below), which offers breathtaking views already on the way to the beach. Cala Brandinci and Lu Impostu belong to the Capo Coda Cavallo. The Capo Coda Cavallo is such an awesome place, that you should not miss it when you are around San Teodoro.

Capo Coda Cavallo and Isola di Tavolara

Capo Coda Cavallo

The Capo Coda Cavallo has the shape of a horse's head - hence the name "Cape Horse Head". The fantastic location of this headland that reaches far into the sea justifies a visit. Beautiful beaches like Lu Impostu and Cala Brandinci are as blue as the Caribbean sea. If you drive along the road to the very end of the cape, you will find a lookout at the highest point of the place. It is worth to go up there and to have a look around. There are other small beaches around the cape, as well as bays and villages.

Isola di Tavolara

The rugged mountain on Isola di Tavolara off the coast of Sardinia is striking. It is extremely distinctive and not to be missed. You can go to the island by boat and spend a day on the island of Tavolara. 500 meters high are the steep slopes that can be climbed. However, this is only advisable for experienced climbers. At the end of the island there is a small flat headland named Spalmatore di Terra, which allows bathing and sunbathing. Hardly any people live on the remote island and cars hardly ever come here. Nature is therefore particularly intense there. From Porto San Paolo a boat is leaving to Isola di Tavolara - several times a day in high season - otherwise the connection is only being operated on weekends.

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Not far from San Teodoro you will find a lot of opportunities for excursions and fantastic holiday destinations: Budoni, Olbia, La Caletta and Santa Lucia as well as Golfo Aranci are within a driving distance of about 45 minutes.