Santa Teresa di Gallura


Santa Teresa Gallura and the Capo Testa are among the most popular places for a holiday in Sardinia. For a good reason: The north of Sardinia is easily accessible via Olbia (airport and ferry). The village belongs to the province of Olbia-Tempio in Sardinia. The beautiful beaches usually run flat into the sea, impressive rock formations offer a great landscape. Around Santa Teresa Gallura there are also numerous attractive activities such as diving, swimming, sailing, swimming, hiking, visiting archaeological sites or excursions in the surrounding area. Santa Teresa Gallura itself is a very lively town.


Santa Teresa di Gallura, Capo Testa and Surroundings

Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura is located directly on the coast. Thus, the town is an exceptional case, because it was built traditionally rather in a few kilometers from the coast and still many places are not directly on the coast. The Capo Testa and Santa Teresa Gallura are popular holiday destinations in Sardinia.

In the center of the village you can go shopping - whether they are daily necessities or something special, such as arts and crafts, fresh food or something else. Numerous restaurants, cafes, bars or ice cream parlors can also be found here, which often even have their menus available in english and more languages.

The adjacent Capo Testa offers numerous holiday amusements or activities. Hiking or mountain biking is just one of the many things you can do around here. The landscape, which is criss-crossed by large rocks and rock formations, provides a clear view onto and over the sea. Along the slopes are numerous holiday homes and apartments or holiday resorts.

On the same route - from the village of Santa Teresa Gallura to the Capo Testa there is also the excavation site "Lu Brandali". It is also well signposted and can not be missed from the main road. The nuraghe complex is complemented by a nature trail, where you can get to know the native flora. Opposite the excavation site you will find hiking trails along the Capo Testa - these are also easily accessible and easy to find.

Beaches and more around Santa Teresa Gallura

Of course, around Santa Teresa Gallura and the Capo Testa there are also numerous beaches. And here too, those who set out on a journey of discovery and venture will be rewarded. Only a few kilometers from the main area around the town of Santa Teresa Gallura you will discover less busy coastal areas ... with the blue sea and relatively secluded beaches - at least off peak season. During the season, some of the beaches are quite busy.

The beaches around Santa Teresa di Gallura have names like Rena di Ponente, La Marmorata, La Licciola, Rena di Levante and others. At the beach Rena di Levante there is also a boat rental to discover the Capo Testa from another perspective. On foot you can easily reach the large and extensive beach Rena di Ponente. The two beaches are to the left and right of the land connection to the island of Sardinia and have different winds - hence the name hints to the two winds levante and ponente. Depending on the wind direction you can choose the beach. On the bay of the beach Rena di Levante there is also a Roman quarry.

In der Nacht bietet Santa Teresa Gallura mit der ganzen Umgebung bei allen Wetterlagen herrliche Anblicke.

In and around Santa Teresa Gallura you can of course also enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine of Gallura. More about specialties and wines of Sardinia.

The tower Torre Spagnolo or Torre Longonsardo is a former fortified tower located just behind the old town in Santa Teresa Gallura. He is widely visible and easy to find. All around the tower you can go for a nice walk. From the tower you have an excellent view over to Corsica.

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