Stintino, La Pelosa, Porto Torres and the Island Isola dell'Asinara


Stintino, Asinara, Porto Torres and its surroundings - this is a dream destination for beach lovers. Beach life in all forms - this is the best way to describe the area. There are beaches all over Sardinia. But here they are piling up. Finest sand, crystal clear water, fantastic views - that's abundant here. For families with small children, the beaches with very shallow water are also ideal. Activities such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, strolling through places like Porto Torres and shopping, markets or city life in Sassari, easy walks and hikes or visiting historic places can be done here.

Culinary delights are of course another highlight around Sardinia, regardless of the location on the island. Form Stintino and Porto Torres you can also do excursions like a day in the mountains, go to another city or other region of the island and more.


Holiday in Stintino, Porto Torres and Asinara Island

Stintino and the island of Asinara

Already on the very first glance it becomes clear: This is the stuff of which holiday dreams are made. The beaches near the village of Stintino along the outermost tip of Sardinia (Capo Falcone) are simply gorgeous. The same applies to the beaches on the islands of Isola dell'Asinara and Isola Piana, which are located just in front of Capo Falcone. From the tower in front of the beach "La Pelosa" you can see the whole environment: on the Stinino peninsula with the Capo Falcone, on the Isola dell'Asinare and Isola Piana. In good weather and on warm summer days you should come to have a look around - preferably by boat. Such a tour starts from the port in Stintino or from the port in Porto Torres.

In past times the island of Asinara as a prison camp and also as a quarantine island for people with infectious diseases such as typhus or malaria. The old prison was also used as a prison during the war.

The islands dark past is long gone, the Asinara was declared a national park. It is famous for its originality, wonderful beaches or coves, beautiful walking and hiking trails. eThe white donkeys with blue eyes, which are found everywhere on the Isola dell'Asinara are another attraction of the Isola dell'Asinara. Of course, donkeys are not the only animals that can be found here. Omnipresent are many birds, turtles and other animals. Only farm animals such as sheep can not be found on the Isola dell'Asinara.

Porto Torres, Sorso, Platamona and Sassari

Along the coast around Porto Torres and Sorso there are beautiful beaches. Above all, the approximately 15-kilometer long sandy beach Platamona. There is nothing to be desired here ... bathing, swimming, water sports of all kinds, bars and restaurants sweeten the holiday life. The center of the region can be found in Porto Torres, a bustling small town with a beautiful main street and a harbor, along which you can go shopping or for a stroll. Of course, an ice cream or a restaurant visit are very worthwhile. In Porto Torres there is also the historical museum "Museo Antiquarium Turritano".

The around here is not always calm. Sometimes - escpecially in autumn and spring - it is pretty windy here. The kite surfers and windsurfers are then on the road and enjoy the fresh breeze, which sometimes can be very strong.

The capital of the province is Sassari. Here you will find larger shops and products for daily needs as well as a great offer in terms of food. The city is relatively little touristy. With around 120,000 inhabitants, it is the second largest city and also has its own university. If you want to immerse yourself in life on Sardinia, this is the place for you.

Stintino with the beach La Pelosa is of unreal beauty. However: La Pelosa is quite crowded in the main season and the beach itself is relatively small. If you do not like that too much: There are other beaches nearby, which are also very beautiful.

Around Porto Torres there are several nuraghi such as the nuraghe Margone, the nuraghe Minciaredda and also the Nuraghe Nieddu. An interesting excavation site - a former roman colony - is located on the edge of Porto Torres and is called Turris Libisonis. In Sedini, you will find impressive rock tombs (Domus de Janas), there are also numerous churches and caves. Of course there are numerous beaches along the coast. Who drives along the coastal road cannnot miss them - you only need to follow the street signs. It is worth to go exploring. The one or other beach is also not very busy during the season and so you can enjoy the nature of Sardinia and the island holiday even better. Trips to neighboring regions - such as Alghero or the northeast of the island are possible at any time. If you like mountains, you should head to the relatively nearby mountains of Monti Limbara. More about the mountains of Sardinia. A day trip is also worth the beautiful Valle della Luna, which is located in the immediate vicinity.

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Near Stintino and Porto Torres you will find a lot of awesome places or holiday destinations on Sardinia like Alghero with the stunning Capo Caccia. Another beautiful town and area is Castelsardo.