Villasimius, Costa Rei, Muravera


Villasimius, Costa Rei and Muravera are wonderful places for a holiday. One beach follows the next, the beaches are strung like a string of pearls - extensive sandy beaches to a smaller bays. Overall, the region is quite rural, the population density rather low. Cottages and apartments are available in greater numbers - along the slopes of the Sarrabus Mountains and often with stunning views of the sea. The capital of Sardinia - Cagliari - is not far from Villasimius and the other villages nearby.

All forms of water sports are of course available: Boat tours, sailing, diving, swimming or just relaxing day on the beach. Especially in autumn, winter and spring it also gets windy along the beaches of Villasimius, Costa Rei and Muravera which is perfect for kite surfers.

No matter if you want to spend a beach holidays or a holiday with water sports or like to do excursions to the city of Cagliari, Villasimius and the surrounding villages have it all. Easy walks, longer hikes, mountainbike tours, historic places and venues for going out make the region a perfect place to be and yet it is relatively quiet.


Holiday in Villasimius, Costa Rei and Muravera


Villasimius is above all one thing: Comfortable. It can be reached from Cagliari in just an hour by car. The journey from Cagliari to Villasimius offers one of the most awesome panoramic roads on Sardinia. Being that close to the capital also means that you can perfectly combine a beach holiday and city tours.

Numerous beaches around Villasimius are unrivaled in Europe and Villasimius itself is a town with a nice promenade through the city center. Going shopping or eating out won't be a problem around here. It is touristic but still Villasimius kept its Sardinian roots. Swimwear, jewelery and local or regional produce and food can be found along the main street in smaller shops. The town center creates a pleasant holiday atmosphere without ever slipping into mass tourism and Chinese mass-produced goods. Villasimius also offers plenty of supermarkets and other daily necessities. This makes the small town an ideal starting point for those who do not want to miss out on a little urban ambience or a well-kept beach with sun lounger rental and restaurant.

Costa Rei

Costa Rei is a little more touristic than Villasimius. German speaking visitors prefer this place a lot, so you will find menus in german there. But also some english is not a problem at all. The village along the coast is very small - you will not find a historic city center like in Villasimius. You cannot go shopping around here because Costa Rei is simply too small. It consists of a large road going through and some smaller side streets - that's it. If you like to have a more lively environment, Villasimius or Tortoli/Arbatax are a good choice. The beach of Costa Rei is outstanding with very fine and light coloured sand. The water is not too shallow around here but there are shallow beaches with a low water level for little children nearby. All along the coast you will find beautiful beaches.


Muravera is the right place for the ones seeking a more quiet holiday. Off the peak season you will find almost empty beaches with no one else around. The area is very rural, there are not many people living here. If you are searching for a place to go out or amusement - this is definitely not the right place to spend your holiday. If you like nature, great beaches and landscapes, then you should come to muravera.

Places of Interest around Villasimius: Sette Fratelli, Cagliari and more

Around Villasimius, Costa Rei or Muravera there are numerous opportunities to spend a great holiday. Sports activities are possible in The mountain range of the Sette Fratelli provides trails for Mountain biking, hiking or just a walk. Motorcyclists, hikers and climbers will find ideal conditions to the north in the Gennargentu mountains. More information about the Sette Fratelli or the mountain range Gennargentu: Mountains in Sardinia. If you like to visit historical places or excavation sites, will find the Nuraghe Assoru interesting. An overview of the largest and most important excavations can be found in the article about Historic Places on Sardinia.

If you are in Villasimius or nearby, you will find the lively capital of Cagliari relatively close. A drive of 30 to 60 minutes will take you there. The coastal road is spectacularly beautiful. The route along the coast is also very much for ciclists - preferrably in groups. In the summer, however, it gets very hot. Such a tour is only recommended until about the beginning of May and then again from the end of September. It goes uphill and downhill, the wind does the rest. Cagliari itself is absolutely worth seeing. The city has a lot to offer. You will find details about it right here: Cagliari and its places of interest.

The road SP18 betweeen Villasimius and Muravera is another great panoramic road that provides stunning scenic views. Many little bays, beaches and villages are hidden between the hills and rocks around here. Another worthwhile spot is the canyon Cola di Cannas along the river Cannas. The canyon is large and a road is leading your way through it. Many people pass through with a motorbike or a bicycle.

Villasimius is a wonderful town in the southeast of Sardinia. All the places around offer vastly beautiful beaches like Punta Molentis. In Villasimius itself you can go for a stroll - restaurants can be found all along the coast. If you like to get a taste of the city, just drive to Cagliari for an excursion.

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Places nearby

The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari. If you spent some time in villasimius it is worth your while: Cagliari. Beautiful places like Cala Gonone or Dorgali and Arbatx are also not really far from Villasimius.