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Sardinia is home to a surprising number of museums. From contemporary art to history or nature, the island offers a wide variety of topics that can be found in the island's museums. Maybe you will find a suitable or interesting place for your stay in Sardinia? The following list is not complete, it only provides an overview and suggestions for visiting a museum. The map also shows important historical sites and excavation sites, which also clear out the history and culture of the island. Some of the excavation sites also incluce a museum or a museum is nearby.


Die Museen im Einzelnen

Archaeological museum in Villasimius:

Address/Contact: via A. Frau, 5 – 09049 Villasimius Tel. 070 7930290

The Museum in Villasimius displays pieces about Sardinia's history - from the time of the Nuraghi to the Middle Ages. Free guided tours are also offered. The beautiful resort of Villasimius is also worth a visit - in the entire region there are also beautiful beaches.

The museums of Armungia:

The Bottega del Fabbro (Blacksmith Workshop), the museum Sa domu de is ainas and the museum Emilio e Joyce Lussu are put together to a museum district in Armungia. Historical blacksmithing, traditional and political history is subject to the museums. The nuraghe in Armungia and the village itself completes your visit to Armungia. The village itself is like an outdoor museum worth visiting.

Address/Contact: Piazza Municipio – 09040 Armungia, Tel.: +39 070 9589011

Civico Museo Archeologico „Giovanni Patroni“ Pula and excavation Nora:

The excavation of Nora is worth a visit anyway. Nearby in Pula you will find an archaeological museum hosting the things that have been found in Nora. More information about Archaeological Sites in Sardinia.

Address/Contact: Civico Museo Archeologico „Giovanni Patroni“ in Pula: Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 67 – 09010 Pula, Tel. +39 070 9209610

Citadella dei Musei in Cagliari:

The Citadella dei Musei is home to several museums. The Art Gallery (Pinacoteca) with old paintings, the folklore Museum, the archaeological Museum and a few other special features. If you visit the capital Cagliari, the Citadella is one of the most attractive spots (even if you don't go into the museums).

Address/Contact: Cittadella dei Musei, Piazza Arsenale, 1 – 09124 Cagliari Tel. +39 070 662496

Mining museum Su Suergiu in Villasalto:

Mining used to play an important role in Sardina. In this museum you will find information about mining in 1858. The old buildings and the main complex show tools documenting everyday life in the mines.

Address/Contact: Località Su Suergiu – 09040 Villasalto Tel. +39 070 5435109 – 329 3625017

Museo del Carbone in Carbonia:

In the heart of the mining city Carbonia you will find the Museo del Carbone Mining Museum. You can also visit the Grande Miniera di Serbariu mine. The former mining industry documented and presented here. In addition, in Carbonia a very well-preserved Phoenician-Punic city can be visited around the excavation site Monte Sirai.

Address/Contact: Grande Miniera di Serbariu – 09013 Carbonia, tel. +39 0781 670591 – 0781 62727

Museum village di Rosas in Narcao:

In Narcao you'll see a very impressive testimony of mining history: The entire mining village with buildings has been restored to a museum village. The museum is under the protection of UNESCO. A special feature is that a tunnel can also be visited. Most of the tunnels of the former mining industry in Sardinia are about to collapse, so access is not possible or dangerous. The former post office, the management, still functioning mills, kilns and much more await the visitor.

Adress/Contact: Museo – Villaggio minerario di Rosas, località Rosas, frazione Terrubia, Narcao, tel. 0781 1855139 – cell. 329 2773342 – 328 1861022

Watermill Licheri in Fluminimaggiore:

The Museo Antico mulino idraulico Licheri shows an old water mill dating back to 1750. Flour was produced here along the Riu Mannu River - the production process can be traced back to the still fully functioning mill.

Adress/Contact: Piazza Antonio Gramsci – 09010 Fluminimaggiore tel. +39 0781 580990 – 347 8174989

Ornithological Museum in Siddi:

The Museo Ornitologico della Sardegna houses more than 200 exhibits of birds and mammals. Nearby is the enchanting Giara di Gesturi with its wild horses.

Address/Contact: Piazza Leonardo da Vinci – 09020 Siddi, Tel. +39 070 939888

Villa Asquer in Tuili with museum about olives and olive oil as well as muscial instruments

In Tuilie – also near to Gesturi - you will find the Villa Asquer in Tuili. There is a museum dealing with the cultivation of olives and the extraction of olive oil. In addition, musical instruments are exhibited. The focus is on Sardinian instruments such as the Launeddas (wind instrument). Also the historical building itself is worth seeing.

Address/Contact: Piazza San Pietro snc, 09029 Tuili (VS), Tel. +39 070 9363018

Further museums:

  • Miniera die Monteveccio in Guspini (Impressive former mine)
  • Civico Museo Archelogico in Dorgali, Via A. Lamarmora – 08022 Dorgali, Tel. +39 338 8341618
  • Parco-museo S’Abba Frisca in Dorgali, Littu, Strada per Cartoe – 08022 Dorgali, Tel. +39 335 6569072 – 339 1464112
  • Nuoro, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Via Mannu, 1 – 08100 Nuoro, tel. +39 0784 31688
  • Museo etnografico e mineralogico–paleontologico in Arzachena, via Mozart – 07021 Arzachena, Tel. +39 0789 840106 – 0789 840107
  • Museo del Vino in Berchidda, Via Giangiorgio Casu, 5 – 07022 Berchidda, Tel. +39 079 705268
  • Museo archeologico, Olbia, Isola di Peddona – Porto Vecchio
  • Masullas, GeoMuseo MonteArci, Piazza Convento, Masullas (OR). Tel. +39 3891777100, 0783990251 (Comune)
  • Centro di documentazione ambientale del Monte Arci in Morgongiori, Via Monte Arci, 09090 Morgongiori; Tel. +39 070 9386602
  • Museo naturalistico Mare nostrum aquarium in Alghero, via XX Settembre 1, Alghero, Tel: +39 079 978333
  • Museo archeologico e storico-etnografico Sella e Mosca bei Alghero, località I Piani – Tenute „Sella e Mosca“ – Alghero, Tel. +39 079 997700

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