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There are many attractions in Sardinia. But some places stand out. The most important sites of the island and very special places that invite you for a tour or a visit - this is what you'll findt in my overview on this page. If you prefer to have an overview all regions or holiday regions in Sardinia, go to this page: Holiday regions and places in Sardinia. For now let's have a look at the most impressive places on the island:


Most important places on Sardinia

Alghero, Capo Caccia and Grotta di Nettuno

On the northwest coast of Sardinia you'll find the city of Alghero surrounded by spectacular cliffs of Capo Caccia. The very large and well known Neptune Grotto (Grotta di Nettuno) - is a huge stalactite cave and it is also nearby. Also the Nuraghe Palmavera one of the main attractions in Sardinia and it is located near Alghero. Mehr rund um Alghero, Capo Caccia and Grotta di Nettuno.


Cagliari is Sardinias capital. Several places of interest and attractions are waiting here: The historic city center of Cagliari and bastion of San Remy as well als the Elephant tower and the old city gates, the archaeological museum, the city beach Poetto and many more highlight. More about Cagliari.

Oristano, Sinis-Halbinsel and ancient Tharros

The Sinis peninsula and the excavations of ancient Tharros are situated along the westcoast of Sardinia. Going there is almost like entering paradise. A place surrounded by waves and incredible colour schemes as well as many flowers and plants - especially in spring. Our ancestors also knew where it is beautiful and so they have built Tharros in this place. More about Oristano, Sinis peninsula and Tharros.

Chia and ancient Nora

On one of the most southern spots of Sardinia and Europe you will find Santa Margherita die Pula (or: Pula) and the breathtaking beaches of Chia. Africa is not too far away from here. This is why the ancient city Nora used to be one of the most important places in the mediterranean. More about Chia, Nora and Santa Margherita di Pula

Cala Gonone and Cala Luna

Cala Gonone and Cala Luna are simply masterpieces of nature. Showcasing Sardinias outstanding beauty, they are amongst of the most well known places on this island. Along the steep cliffs of the Gennargentu mountain range (also: Supramonte) you will find Cala Gonone, Cala Luna and other incredibly beautiful beaches. Ships, diving Spots, caves and mountains as well as crystal clear waters dominate the area. More about Cala Gonone and Cala Luna.

Santa Teresa Gallura and Capo Testa

The region of Gallura in the northeast of Sardinia is fantastically beautiful and famous for its granite rocks. The Gallura is crowned by the town of Santa Teresa Gallura with the Capo Testa, which is also one of the significant attractions of the island of Sardinia. More about Santa Teresa Gallura und das Capo Testa.

Nuraghe Su Nuraxi and Giara di Gesturi

The nuraghe Su Nuraxi is a large nuraghi complex. You'll find nuraghes and other historic places all over Sardinia. Very close to this nuraghe complex there is another very important place: The high plain (Giara) of Gesturi is a refuge for wild horses, wich is very unique in Europe. More about Su Nuraxi and Giara di Gesturi.

San Teodoro, Isola Tavolara and Cala Brandinci

From the airport in Olbia San Teordoro can be reached within half an hour. The island Isola Tavolar with its spectacular steep mountain dominates the picture in this area. San Teodoro, the island Isola Tavolara as well as the spectacturaly blue beach of Cala Brandinci is a must-see when wou travel around Sardinia. More about San Teodoro, Cala Brandinci and Tavolara.

Piscinas and Ingurtosu

The remains of the former mining in Ingurtosu are being found in the middle of an exeptional natural phenomenon: Huge dunes and sand like in a desert. Ingurtosu is located along the slopes of mountains. Along the former transport routes for the products from the mining industry there is an extensive dune landscape and a seemingly oversized sandy beach. You feel like you're in another world that is reminiscent of the deserts of our planet. More about Piscinas and Ingurtosu.

La Maddalena

In the northeast of Sardinia - in the waterway between Corsica and Sardinia - lies a nature reserve with 62 islands and islets. The emerald-colored coves and beaches as well as the very rich flora and fauna on the islands and under water is one of the most awesome spots for a Sardinia trip. About one-tenth of all the coastal kilometers or miles in Sardinia are accounted for by this wonderful island world, the archipelago of La Maddalena: More about La Maddalena.

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