Watersports: Surfing, Diving and more


Sardinia is sourrounded by water. All kinds of water sports are possible along the coast of Sardinia. Diving, windsurfing, surfing, kiting, diving, canoeing, sailing and so on. smaller ports can be found all over the island; boats can be rented or chartered - with or without skipper. Canoeing is very populare along the east coast and in the north - where the water usually is very calm. Bays like Cala Brandinci (near San Teodoro) or Punta Molentis (near Villasimius) are very well protected from waves; therefore places like these are perfect spots for snorkeling. The west coast is much wilder, waves can be quite high around here and when the wind comes it is a perfect spot for surfing or kiting. During the summer months the west coast is also quite calm, so that you can also go diving or canoeing around here.


Surfing, Kiting and Diving

Spots for Kiting, Windsurfing or Surfing

or kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers, Sardinia is one of Europe's top destinations. Of course the mediterannean cannot be compared to Hawwai or the Atlantic. Nevertheless, sometimes the wind and other conditions are great for surfing or kiting. The ost surf spots can be found in the north and west of Sardinia. Surfers, kitesurfers and surfers from all over the world - but especially from Europe - regularly come here. Many locals make their way as soon as the wind is right.

High swell is usually only to be expected along the west coast, as the mistral blows over from France and brings corresponding waves. The east-north and south coasts are much more moderate. Here are some surf spots along the coast of Sardinia:

  • Capo Mannu / Putzu Idu: Here are both places for beginners and advanced surfers. When the waves are very high in strong winds, watching is also spectacular. The mistral blows over from France, especially in spring. Waves are only coming together with the mistral. The longer it blows, the higher the waves become - it also easily reaches more than 5 meters. The spot is sometimes very demanding. Without the Mistral the water here is rather flat and clear like a swimming pool. Of course, there are also surf and kite schools. The spot is suitable for kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers.

  • Porto Pollo: In the north of the island things are much more moderate and calm than at Capo Mannu. Porto Pollo is protected so that high waves do not build up. In high season there is a lot going on in this bay - the off-season is much better if you want to enjoy a relaxed spot. The spot is also suitable for beginners.

  • Porto Botte: In southern Sardinia you will find Porto Botte and Porto Pino. Porto Botte ist for kitesurfers only.

  • Capo Ferrato: The Capo Ferrato is located in the southwest and is also suitable for surfers / kite surfers. A very high swell is a rare thing around here, but frequently the wind is strong. The entire region is bordered by beaches where kitesurfing in particular is very popular.

  • Isola Rossa is located in the north and even in wind, the water here is usually flat. Only further out is to be expected with swell.

  • Kitesurfing around Alghero: When there is wind, kiting is very popular here. After all, Alghero is generally one of the most popular regions for a holiday in Sardinia. The scenery here is spectacularly beautiful, the surf areas are dominated by the Mistral, which brings in the area up to 3 meters high waves. Like in many other places on Sardinia there are long sandy beaches.

  • Poetto / Cagliari: There is also a lot of surfing here - kitesurfing and windsurfing are all possible, especially with the scirocco. At mistral the spot is not very suitable for surfing. The long sandy beach offers good opportunities especially for kite surfers.

Diving on Sardinia - The best dive spots

Surrounded by water and fantastic conditions - diving in Sardinia is something special. The history of the island provides for very specific diving experiences. The location between Europe and Africa made Sardinia an important place in the Mediterranean. Hence wrecks from roman times can therefore be found along the coasts. The geological history provides for unusual rock formations above and under water. In particular, the abundant limestone provides extensive cave systems that are also found under water. Some diving areas are simply outstanding:

Diving around Alghero and Bosa

In the northwest of the island are Alghero and Bosa. Here you will find the most imposing rock formations of limestone with caves. At Porto Conte there are many underwater caves and the spectacular Grotta di Nero (black cave), which is over 300 meters long. At Capo Marragiu in Bosa (and generally around Bosa) there are caves and numerous shoals. The entire cliff here is interesting for divers. There are also organized tours - starting in Bosa or in Alghero.

Diving Sites northeast and east of Sardinia - Golfo Aranci and Cala Gonone

Very close to the airport in Olbia you will find some diving sites or spots around Golfo Aranc. The Golfo Aranci offers a spectacular underwater world with limestone formations. The marine reserve of the offshore island Tavolara at San Teodoro with caves and shoals is ideal for divers. Along the east coast you will find one of the most spectacular diving sites for cave diving: Cala Gonone. Caves, wrecks and very clear waters are waiting for you. The nature reserve La Maddalena also provides awesome sites for diving.

Diving areas in the northwest of Sardinia

Another interesting area is the diving site of Asinara Island in northwestern Sardinia. Here you can find roman wrecks and more. However, diving is allowed here only with permission - the nature of the area is extremely sensitive. From Stintino there are starting organized tours.

Diving in southern Sardinia

In the Golfo degli Angeli, near the capital Cagliari, you will discover wrecks from the second world war. At Villasimius also opens a magnificent underwater world with shipwrecks from roman times, which are also found at Santa Margarita di Pula and Teulada. Also Carloforte with deep cuts or ravines along the coast offers great diving spots.

Diving in northern Sardinia

In the north of Sardinia there are numerous other diving areas. Along the Costa Paradiso and Isola Rossa, for example, great rock formations and the most beautiful colors invite you to discover the island of Sardinia. Crabs, fish, seahorses and mysterious canyons invite you to a diving holiday.

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